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Emsculpt is a highly sought-after body contouring treatment due to its ability to help eliminate stubborn problem areas through muscle-building. As a result, this procedure has quickly gained popularity among the various options available. Emsculpt has become the go-to treatment for body sculpting by providing visible results after a few sessions. Here is a summary of everything you should know about Emsculpt.

What Is Emsculpt and How Does It Work?

EmSculpt is a widely sought-after body-sculpting treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) energy to help patients achieve a leaner and more toned appearance. Emsculpt is used to achieve two main goals: a trimmed stomach and firmer, rounder buttocks. It accomplishes these results by burning fat and building muscle simultaneously, similar to performing cardiovascular and strength training exercises without needing physical exertion. Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic pulses to trigger rapid muscle contractions stronger than those achieved through voluntary contractions like those during physical exercise. It is similar to a miniature magnetic resonance imaging machine.

Emsculpt activates all of the body’s muscles simultaneously, causing rapid contractions that strengthen muscle fibers and trigger the breakdown of fat cells. This treatment also produces alternating tapping and buzzing sensations that help to break down lactic acid, reducing side effects such as stomachaches, rapid breathing, muscle aches, nausea, and burning sensation. In just 30 minutes, Emsculpt causes approximately 20,000 muscle contractions, providing a more efficient and effective way to tone and strengthen muscles compared to traditional exercises like stomach crunches or leg squats, which only activate half of the muscles in the body at a time.

During an Emsculpt treatment, the muscles contract due to buzzing sensations, similar to exercise, and release lactic acid. Tapping sensations help break down the lactic acid to prevent any adverse effects. Emsculpt has successfully reduced belly fat and strengthened abdominal muscles, leading the company to consider creating new machines targeting other body parts, such as the upper arms and inner thighs.

What About Emsculpt Neo?

In late 2020, the EmSculpt Neo was introduced as an improved version of EmSculpt. The Neo version activates a higher number of contractions, around 24,000, compared to the 20,000 contractions of EmSculpt. EmSculpt Neo not only helps build muscle and reduce fat but also tightens the skin, thanks to its combination of radio-frequency and electromagnetic technology. This makes it a highly effective treatment for a range of body concerns.

During an EmSculpt Neo treatment, patients expect up to a 30% reduction in fat, including superficial and visceral fat stored within the abdominal cavity. In addition, there may be up to 25% skin tightening and muscle building. This is the only non-surgical body-shaping treatment procedure that combines two energies to remove fat and build muscles in just 30 minutes per session.

The Procedure

Emsculpt is an easy and quick procedure where you sit back and relax while the machine works to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. The electromagnetic pulses cause your muscles to contract around 20,000 times in a 30-minute session, which is much faster than you could do on your own. These rapid pulses strengthen your muscle fibers while also breaking down fat cells in the treatment area.

Emsculpt treatments only take about 30 minutes and are generally painless, with most people describing it as feeling like an intense massage. The procedure is repeated four to five times for two weeks, and patients can expect to see a gradual improvement in their muscle definition and tone. Although results may be visible the day after treatment, the best results are usually seen after completing the entire course of treatment. Emsculpt allows patients to achieve a toned and defined appearance in their abdominal or buttock area without needing long hours at the gym or strict dieting.

How Effective is Emsculpt Treatment?

Significant improvements in treated areas can usually be seen three to four weeks after the final Emsculpt treatment. The treatment is typically given consecutively for two weeks (4-5 times) but can be continued to maintain results. Emsculpt patients can expect an average of 19% reduction in abdominal fat one month after their final treatment and up to 23% reduction three months later. The procedure is currently offered for the abs, buttocks, and inner thighs, but the FDA has only cleared the abdomen and buttocks for treatment. Approval for using Emsculpt on the arms is pending, but it is expected to be available soon.

Emsculpt may lead to improved firmness and fullness in the butt and abdominal areas, a smaller waistline, toning and shaping in treated areas, removal of dead cells from the body, and a more slender overall appearance. Results may vary. The effects of Emsculpt on muscle mass increase may last up to 6 months after the procedure and longer with maintenance sessions. Fat loss resulting from the treatment is permanent. It is recommended that patients maintain an active lifestyle and healthy diet for optimal results.

What are the Benefits of Emsculpt?

Some of the potential benefits of Emsculpt include the following:

Builds and strengthens muscles:

Emsculpt causes strong muscle contractions that are impossible through normal exercise. This leads to the development of stronger and more toned muscles.

Non-invasive and painless:

Emsculpt is a non-invasive treatment that does not require incisions or injections. It is also generally painless, with most people describing it as feeling like a strong massage.

Quick treatment time:

Emsculpt treatments only take about 30 minutes, making them a convenient option for busy individuals.

No downtime:

Emsculpt does not require downtime so that you can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Improves muscle definition:

In addition to strengthening muscles, Emsculpt can improve muscle definition and create a more toned and sculpted appearance.

Can be used on various body parts:

Emsculpt can be used on various parts of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms, making it a versatile option for body contouring.

Safe and effective:

Emsculpt has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is safe and effective in clinical studies.

Studies on the Efficacy of Emsculpt

In one study, an average increase of 15 percent in abdominal muscle thickness was observed in 22 subjects 2 months after Emsculpt treatment. A separate study found that muscle increased by 19% between six and nine months after treatment. Another study reported a waist size reduction of 1.7 inches in 19 subjects three months after treatment. Finally, in a study sponsored by Emsculpt, 33 individuals experienced an average subcutaneous abdominal fat decrease of 19% one month after treatment and a reduction of 23% three months after treatment.

As of mid-2019, around 400 dermatologists in the United States had Emsculpt equipment in their practices, and customer satisfaction is high. For example, one doctor reported seeing five patients daily for Emsculpt sessions and experienced no complaints. In addition, half of the patients noticed effects immediately after treatment, 84% noticed effects a month later, and 90% noticed effects three months after treatment.

How Long Do Emsculpt Results Last?

Emsculpt is a treatment that permanently destroys targeted fat cells in individuals who are near or at their target weight but are struggling to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The muscle mass gained from Emsculpt treatments typically lasts for at least six months if patients continue to engage in strength and conditioning exercises to build muscle. If patients maintain their ideal weight, they can enjoy their improved, more fit appearance indefinitely. However, if they gain weight, the remaining fat cells may grow and expand, potentially affecting their results.

The Cost

The cost of an Emsculpt session can range from $750 to $1000 for the initial four sessions. While this may seem expensive, it’s important to consider that the treatment uses a $250,000 MRI machine. If you’re already spending money on a gym membership or workout classes and are looking for a way to break through a workout plateau, Emsculpt may be a worthwhile investment for you. Packages are also available for those who wish to maintain their Emsculpt results.

Possible Side Effects

Emsculpt is a low-stress treatment that is FDA-approved and generally has little risk of significant side effects. However, it should not be used by individuals with metal or electronic devices in their bodies, such as pacemakers or IUDs, as these can interfere with the treatment. Additionally, Emsculpt is not safe for use during pregnancy. Still, it can be used after pregnancy to help improve diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs in about two-thirds of pregnant women.

Despite this, the safety of Emsculpt has been supported by numerous studies, and no serious adverse events have been reported. However, some individuals may not be ideal candidates for the treatment, and it is important to consult a medical professional to determine whether Emsculpt is appropriate for you.


Emsculpt is a non-surgical treatment that aims to help people lose weight by toning and strengthening muscles and burning fat cells. However, it is a cosmetic procedure and is not typically covered by insurance. It is important to note that this procedure should not replace physical activity but can help you get started. Ultimately, whether or not Emsculpt is the right choice for you is a personal decision that should be made with the guidance of a healthcare professional.