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Our skin makes us feel good about ourselves. The more we take care of our skin, the better it will look and the better we often will feel overall. Of course, nothing can help you get the most incredible glow in a single day. But you can surely give oxygen facial a shot. This facial treatment is unquestionably an excellent first step in the right direction.

Giving your skin a life-giving boost is the most effective way to restore it and reverse the effects of aging and infuse it with the best shine possible. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about oxygen facials before getting one.

What Are Oxygen Facials?

Oxygen facials are procedures that purport to pump oxygen into your skin. Using a stream of pressured oxygen, an oxygen facial machine infuses a hyaluronic acid serum or another moisturizing moisturizer into your skin. Unlike other facials, this therapy, inspired by Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, is relatively simple. There is no massage, aromatherapy, or other calming treatments associated with a regular spa day. Instead, the skin care therapist cleanses and exfoliates the skin, analyzes it to choose the appropriate serum for your needs, and then applies it liberally to your skin.

This is where oxygen enters the picture. To help the serum permeate your skin, the aesthetician employs a facial oxygen machine, which provides a constant flow of 90 percent pure oxygen.

What’s The Science Behind Oxygen Facials?

We’ll walk you through the science to ensure you understand what oxygen infusion is. The first thing to remember is that our bodies require oxygen to function properly. Keeping this in mind will help you understand the science behind oxygen facials.

Most oxygen facial treatments begin with a washing and exfoliating regimen. This eliminates surface oils and contaminants, allowing direct access to the skin cells in the target area. Your aesthetician will then use airbrush-like equipment to send pressured oxygen to the deepest recesses of your skin.
However, oxygen is not the only thing that enters your skin. Serums, which typically include hyaluronic acid, will also make their way to your face.

It is important to note that hyaluronic acid has a plumping and moisturizing impact on the skin. Therefore, your beauty care expert will use pressured oxygen to infuse low molecular weight hyaluronic acid deep into your skin. After a few tingly chilly firsts, most individuals report that this feels quite calming.

To complete the therapy, heavier hyaluronic acid will be applied to your skin, reaching the middle and top layers of the skin. This promotes complete hydration toward the end of the treatment.

Oxygen Facial Benefits: Is It Good for Your Skin?

The number of people considering oxygen facials has increased dramatically. The following are some of the benefits of receiving oxygen facial treatments.

Increases Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein that is required by the human body. The binding force joins the cells together, giving your skin strength and suppleness. When the body’s collagen production decreases, the bonds weaken, and wrinkles emerge. Typically, aging is the primary cause of reduced collagen production.

Oxygen facial therapy can significantly increase collagen levels. The inflow of oxygen and critical micronutrients boosts collagen formation. As a result, the skin is plumped and firmed, thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines that emerge with aging.

Increases Cell Production

The skin cells can only live for so long. They eventually die and are replaced by new cells in the body. Oxygen is essential for cell regeneration since it influences how quickly new cells grow. Medical experts believe that oxygen infusion treatment can aid in the faster formation of new cells. However, oxygen infusion does more than only increase cell production. Because of the increased cell regeneration, facial scars and acne can heal more quickly. As a result, providing your skin with additional oxygen is critical.

Makes Your Skin Radiant

Aging and regular sun exposure can deplete your skin’s critical elements. For instance, it can lead to extreme dehydration, skin discoloration, and acne. As a result, the brightness and beauty of your skin may diminish. Fortunately, oxygen facial treatment can be highly beneficial. To protect your skin from the sun, the treatment deeply hydrates and restores its pH balance.

Requires No Downtime

Facial treatments require no recovery time. This is in contrast to other skincare procedures that require you to wait a certain amount before returning to your regular activities. If you like, you can apply makeup after your treatment.

Keeps Skin Clear

Acne develops when your skin’s pores become clogged with oil, debris, dead skin, or germs. An oxygen facial will assist reduce the appearance of pores so that dust and dirt do not accumulate. Healthy and clean pores will keep your skin shining longer and will help avoid acne.

Results Are Instant

Finally, this is one of the most well-known advantages of oxygen infusion therapies that draws more people. When your treatment is finished, you will notice the results immediately. While some other facial treatments take a few days to show results, oxygen facials do not. You can witness remarkable changes in your target area as soon as you step off the treatment bed and glance in the mirror.

What You Need to Know Before You Go

Anyone can benefit from an oxygen facial’s purifying impact. Still, it is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from acne, rosacea, or facial scars since increased oxygen is claimed to clear minor skin issues. However, if you have a skin allergy, always let your therapist know, and don’t hesitate to speak up if you encounter any discomfort during the facial’s intense exfoliation.

Oxygen facials don’t stay forever, and your skin often loses its initial picture-perfect glow some days, making it great for ladies who are getting married or attending a significant event in the days following treatment.

The Oxygen Facial Procedure

Since oxygen facials are not like traditional facials treatments, you should expect a more medical-oriented attitude. Your therapist will perform a quick wash and exfoliation after getting to know you in order to understand what you want to gain out of your treatment. This will create a blank canvas for your skin, allowing it to absorb vitamins and antioxidants better.

Your aesthetician will then use a nozzle to inject chilled oxygen into the skin, followed by a pampering mask. The treatment can last 30-60 minutes. The benefits are immediately evident, with dramatically brighter, plumper, and smoother skin, making it the ideal treat for special occasions.

How Often Should You Get an Oxygen Facial?

According to dermatologists, getting an oxygen facial once a month is highly advised. It can help you keep your skin looking younger and brighter for longer. It may, however, be less effective than other treatments. As a result, before utilizing oxygen facials, you should see your dermatologist.

Most oxygen facials are appropriate for persons who already have healthy, glowing skin. Dermatologists frequently prescribe this therapy for young people who want to keep their skin healthy. The treatment, of course, can be performed at any age. However, aging symptoms frequently necessitate more aggressive treatments.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

The oxygen facial is a non-invasive, safe procedure with few adverse effects. However, some people have:

Inflammation of the skin
Itching and pain
Prolonged redness
Reactions to allergens

These side effects may arise if the patient has extremely sensitive skin or is allergic to specific serum constituents. That is why the procedure must be performed by a qualified skin professional.

Oxygen Facial Treatment Aftercare

The oxygen facial procedure is lighter than many other facial treatments and doesn’t require downtime. However, for the most significant outcomes, make sure to follow these aftercare guidelines:

Wear sunscreen and stay out of direct sunshine.
For several days, avoid hot showers, hot tubs, and other heat sources.
Avoid chemical peels for a few days following the procedure.
Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
For a few days, use gentle skincare products.

Can You Do An Oxygen Facial At Home?

While there are lots of oxygen-infused masks available today, they aren’t the same as a full-oxygen facial treatment. For instance, you can’t put oxygen in a cream (remember, it’s a gas). Instead, it must be dissolved in perfluorocarbons (artificial chemicals having only carbon and fluorine) before being used in masks and lotions.

When you apply the product to your skin, the oxygen begins to fizz out slowly, much like the bubbles in your coke. But, aside from being entertaining, it does nothing for your skin. Most of the oxygen is “wasted” in the formation of bubbles. As a result, very little penetrates your skin deeply enough to fill it up and repair it.


The oxygen facial treatment is not a one-time procedure that can magically solve skin problems. It, like other treatments, demands perseverance and patience. Nevertheless, people are drawn to oxygen facial treatment because of its numerous perks. First, the treatment improves the appearance and firmness of your skin.

Facial treatments with oxygen are painless and have a relaxing impact on your skin. Because it has a quick recovery time, you can resume your skincare routine immediately following your session. Again, the operation is painless and has no adverse effects.