7 Color Led Light Therapy Skin Care PDT Machine LB380

Product name: 7-Color LED Skin Rejuvenation Instrument +UV+Cold spray+Hot Compress

Type: Portable

Packing size:170*123*57(mm)

Color: Gray (LB380) / Red (LB380B)

Technology: LED light therapy+cold nano spray+hot compress

Lamp bead quantity: 268pcs

Measuring cup: 1pc

Goggles: 1 pair

Liquid capacity: 100ml

Package size: 61*37*46.5cm

Package weight: 6.12kg

Warranty: 1 year

Description of 7 Color Led Light Therapy Skin Care PDT Machine:

                                   7-Color LED Skin Rejuvenation Instrument
                                    UV + Cold spray + Hot Compress

Product parameter

Product Name 7-Color LED Skin Rejuvenation Instrument
+ UV + Cold spray + Hot Compress
Model number LB380 / LB380B
Technology LED light therapy + cold nano spray + hot compress
Type Portable
Color Gray (LB380) / Red (LB380B)
Lamp bead quantity 268pcs
Measuring cup 1pc
Dropper 1pc
Goggles 1 pair
Liquid capacity 100ml
Package size 61*37*46.5cm
Package weight 6.12kg

Product Structure

led skin therapy device

Working Principle

red light therapy machine

This beauty device combines the technology of LED light therapy with cold nanospray and hot compress.

1. LED light therapy: Lights of different wavelengths penetrate skin layers of different depths, accelerating the regeneration of cells and collagen so as to solve various skin problems and realize skin rejuvenation.

2. Cold nanospray: Nanoscale hydrating, protecting skin, and maintaining water balance.

3. Hot compress: opening pores, deep moisturizing, promoting blood circulation and cell metabolism thus making skin moisturized and rosy.



infrared light therapy equipment

1.7 LED lights —— penetrate skin layers of different depths for different skin problems and effects. 2. UV sterilization —— independent working UV beads for precise treatment.

3.8 modes —— different combinations of LED light for better and quicker results.

4. Cold spray —— nanoscale hydrating, protect skin and maintain water balance.

5. Hot compress —— open pores, deeply hydrate, promote blood circulation and cell metabolism, make skin moisturized and rosy.

6. Calcium supplementation —— enhance immunity, make skin glossy and elastic, reduce redness and fever.



led therapy machine
Skin rejuvenation
Skin sedation
Skin whitening
Skin tightening
Skin moisturizing
Pore shrinking
Wrinkle removal
Acne treatment
Immunity boost

Using Steps

light therapy for skin device


Before & After


Product Display

red led light therapy equipment



Factory show:


Video of light therapy for acne equipment:


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