8 in 1 Micro Current Facial Beauty Device LB168

Machine Power:  150W

RF frequency: 5MHZ

Electric Frequency: 3MHZ

Cooling head temperature: 10°C ~ 20°C

Vacuum pump: 100PA

Packing size: 36*36*27cm

G.W.: 14.0Kg

Function of Micro Current Facial Beauty Device

(1)Whitening skin , wrinkle removing

(2)To enhance, tighten skin

(3)Shape facial contours

(4)Tightening chin

(5)Remove neck lines

(6)Shrink pores, anti-allergy

(7)Improve the eye conditions(fine lines, eye bags, dark circles )

(8)Ultrasonic deep cleaning

Principle of Skin Energy Micro Current Facial Beauty Machine

Skin Energy Activated Instrument by the Germany is the latest transdermal technology developed by using micro-electrical pulse, the radio frequency, ultra-low temperature, and by mechanical therapy, pressure therapy, hyperthermia, magnetic four physical therapy. Waking up the eye cells completely, pigmentation, dry skin, a variety of bags under the eyes, swelling and dark circles, but also beauty and shape your charming face .

Accessories of Skin Energy Micro Current Facial Beauty Machine

Galvanic Eye Probe: Remove fine lines, wrinkles for eyes, wrinkle removal.

Electroporation Probe: Open cells channels, absorb nutrition, accelerate cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth.

Facial RF Probe : Face lifting , skin lifting around eyes, Wrinkle removal.

Microdermabrasion head: Remove dead skin, clean and smooth skin.

Oxygen Spray gun: keep the facial moisture, increases cellular oxygen and activates the skin to reach the anti-aging effect.

Cooling Freeze Probe: Face tightening, calm and release the skin, make the sensitive skin a ice cool feeling remove the red spots.


Features of Facial Rf Device:

1. It can moisturize skin deeply and enhance skin water content;

2. It promotes cell regeneration, increases cellular oxygen and activates the skin to reach the anti-aging effect;

3.It promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, fade fine lines to restore flexibility,  soothe sensitivity, reduce swelling and microvascular surface phenomenon;

4.It helps to the physical and mental health , replenish their energy, improve micro circulation and respiratory system and enhance the body of oxygen content as well as improve metabolism.





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