Acne Treatment Portable High Frequency Machine SC640

Product name​:High Frequency Facial Machine

Voltage: 110V-220V

Working frequency: 50-60HZ

Power: 30W

Glass tube: 4pcs

Gross weight: 1.5

Packing size: 38*21*6cm

Application: Beauty Salon, For Commercial & Home Use

Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Warranty: 1 year

How High Frequency Machines Work for Skin & Facial Treatments? 🔥

High frequency beauty treatment uses the features of high-frequency current to produce thermal heating and a very high rate of oscillation, which makes it an indispensable skin care tool in beauty salons and homes. It’s a safe method of care

🔺 Top 5 Beauty Benefits of High Frequency Skin Care Facials

🌺 Improves the appearance of cellulite
🌺 Promote skin secretion, increase PH value, recover neutral skin
🌺 Accelecrate blood circulation and promote metabolism
🌺 High frequency treatment for acne & to prevent further onset
🌺 Strenghthen skin anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and firm skin and such functions

Multiple Shapes to Meet the Needs of Different Parts of Your Face

✔ Roller Electrode Tube for body, legs, arms
✔ Y-Shape Tubes Electrode Tube for Neck and Chin
✔ Curved Electrode Tube for arms or neck
✔ Comb Electrode Tube for scalp, thinning hair areas
✔ Strip Electrode Tube for plane area, such as waist,cheek
✔ Tongue Electrode Tube for small area, such as the alae of the nose
✔ Mushroom Electrode Tube for large area, such as forehead, cheek


 Advantage of portable high frequency wand : 

  • 【High Frequency Facial Machine】A safe and 100% natural way for beauty. Mainly used for facial and hair care, producing high frequency current through glass electrode tubes, stimulate your deep skin for treatment results. 🌸FREE GIFT🌸–30PCS Facial Gauze Mask.🌸
  • 【The Best Choice is All in One Set】🌸7 Electrode Tubes: Mushroom & Strip & Curved & Tongue & Comb & Roller & Fork Tubes with a Wand. Multiple shapes to meet the needs of different parts of the face.
  • 【Improved Skin Profile】The skin wand accelerates collagen and cell production to improve and reduce age spots & acne, wrinkle reducing , skin tightening, facial lifting. Use it with beauty products can promote your skin absorption.
  • 【Easy to use】Connecting the handling beauty machine with the electrodes, open and rotating the button to adjust the intensity; turning up the intensity by clockwise rotation, decreasing the intensity by counterclockwise.
  • 【BUY NO RISK】🌸The machine include the Insulated handle and glass probes for keeping safety, 30pcs gauze mask. 30 days free replacement or refund, 1 year warranty and whole life customer service from the date of purchasing.


Warmly treatment Tips of high frequency electrotherapy device:

❣ You can use it before or after skincare, the important thing is to make sure your skin is properly cleansed and exfoliated.
❣ For sensitive skin, please use a thin gauze to cover the skin surface before taking care to avoid excessive irritation to the skin.
❣ Treatment time: 2-3 times for a week, 10-15 minutes every treatment.
❣ Use effect differ because of different skin conditions of everybody.
❣ Do not leave the glass tube in the same position for more than 10 seconds.


Video of high frequency facial wand:


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