acupuncture points Head massager SC365

Product Name​: Electric Vibrating Head Massager Machine


Feature: Eletric

Material: ABS Plastic

Type: Head Massager

Color: Black

massage intensity: Adjustable

Operation: controller,LCD pattern,back light

Warranty: 1 Year


 principle of acupuncture points Head massager 

This is a wireless intelligent head massage. It has microcomputer chip control technology and human China manufacturer automatic Health vibrating Electronic Head Massager, View head massager, Konmison Product Details from Guangzhou Konmison Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on


design to realize human-machine interface and complete intelligent operation Easily control by the one-key touch and voice prompt functions. This product applies the air pressure to the healthy care of head successfully, it works by microcomputer chip control technology and promotes blood circulation, relieves tensions and headache by kneading the acupoint.

Functions of best scalp massager

·Relieve emotional stress,nervous anxiety and exhausting

· Help people who head pain or sleep disorders

· Help people who is insomnia,sleep disorders and neurasthenia

· Help people who Excessive use of the brain

· Promote blood circulation of head and eye

· Relieves tensions and headache by kneading the acupoints

· Relieve eye tired

Specification of vibrating head Relax massager

Material : ABS & TPR
massage principle : air pressure
Suitable head circumference: 54-68CM

Product weight : 1.5kg

Maximum inside diameter : 68CM;

Minimum inside diameter : 54CM

Maximum outside diameter : 77CM;
Minimum outside diameter : 69CM
4 RELAXING PROGRAMMES: Intelligent air pressure, multifrequency vibration, infrared heating and soothing music.Press music button 3s to turn off music when not need


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