best facial steamer hydrogen water system LB199

Product name​: Facial Steamer Hydrogen-Water beauty device

Function:Skin Care

Capacity: 300ml

Gross weight: 5.56kg

Product dimension: 491*455*448mm

Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Warranty: 1 Year


Principle of best facial steamer hydrogen water system

Hydrogen-Water is a concept derived from Japan

Hydrogen-Water Beauty Device

Produce hydrogen-rich water, vaporized mist to care skin


Functions Of portable facial steamer


1.Moisturize skin

2.Whiten skin

3.Activate skin energy


Attention of steam face at home

Please read following info in first time device using

In first time use, user is advised to clean the device operating pad. User should infill the device water tank with purified/mineral water, the ideal water temperature is 10–40℃ when the device is in working status. Users should be careful with the device operations and avoid skin burn by high temperature produced by this device.


Specification of professional facial steamer hydrogen water machine

Product name: EXPLORER Hydrogen-Water beauty device

Power: DC12V, 4A

Capacity: 300ml

Product dimension: 491*455*448mm

Gross weight: 5.56kg

Net weight: 3.6kg




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