Best Led Teeth Whitening Machine GL036

Product name: Teeth Whitening Led Lamp

Color: White

Output voltage: 4.7V

Power: 40VA

Wavelength: 460-490nm

Feature: Convenient

Packing size: 95*52*10MM

Light source: 8 lights LED blue

Input voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Warranty: 1 year


Principle of Best Led Teeth Whitening Machine:


Breakthrough Technology for Teeth Whitening

The cold light teeth whitening system, popular among the professional dental clinics and simple appearance, Which could be used at home.

Based on the whitening technology under the light-activating environment, the specific blue light could shoot the Cold light with high strength and low temperature and without ultraviolet to accelerate the resolution of the active oxygen, make the active ingredient more active, and eliminate the pigment teeth within several minutes.

The blue light teeth whitening system could whiten your teeth in a rapid way, strengthen your teeth by adding active fluorine and nano SiO2 into the light guided strips, and increase the glossiness of your teeth.


Functions of best professional teeth whitening machine:


1. Wipe out ugly smokers teeth quickly: the equipment can decompose the protein of teeth surface, to make the separation between the dirty ramification and the teeth, wipe them out easily.

2. Remove the yellow color of teeth easily: it can permeate into teeth’ s structure and make a combination of tooth enamel, and happens redox reaction, so to remove yellow color effectively.

3. Eliminate black color deeply: it contains super white factors, which can deep into the tooth enamel, to accomplish a white teeth result.


Advantage of dental whitening machine:

1.Big display,easy to read, will display the note and related ads, content can be updated.
2.Equipped with touch buttons, easy to operate.
3.Visible timer countdown, audible prompt tone at the last minute.
4.Easy to install, light weight.
5.2 Pairs of safety goggles included.
6. Built in microcomputer, can be connected with the computer through the USB, update the display content.

Video of teeth whitening led machine:


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