Blackhead Removal Tool Suction Face Vacuum Cleaner SC488

Product name​: Cold Hot Vacuum Blackhead Remover skin massage Facial Pores cleaner

Feature: Exfoliators, Skin Revitalizer, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation correctors

Rated power: 5W

Material: ABS

Warm temperature:  40±2℃

Battery specification: polymer lithium battery, 3.7V, 750mAh

Freezing temperature: decreasing amplitude≥15℃

Vacuum degree: ≤-55kpa

Product size: 172*42*56.5mm

Charging time: 2.5Hours

Warranty: 1 year

Suction Head Of Blackhead Removal Tool Suction Face Vacuum Cleaner: 

1. Diamond head

It can scrub exfoliating the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne.

2. Large round pole head

Powerful suction blackheads, apply to blackheads and V face .

3. Small round pole head

Suction is weak, it can be used to suck blackheads, such as thin skin, tender, easy to allergies.

4. Oval pole head

Remove wrinkle . After sucking the skin, quickly unplug, unplug and then suck again. Promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, effectively removes lines wrinkle.


Using steps of blackhead remover vacuum machine:

1. Open the sponge cover, put dry filter sponge into filter cup, install the needed suction head.

2. Long press “Switch/ levels key” for 3 seconds, machine powers on, display screen is on and enter into stand by mode.

3. Short press “Cold/hot toggle key” and enter into warm mode. Heating probe puts on needed suction area. Help to open pore.

4. Short press” Switch/ levels key” blackhead suction function. Short press one time, level increases one level, total is 3 levels. When in the third level, short press then blackhead suction function close.

5. Blackhead suction adjust to suitable level, slowly move the head on treatment area. Do not operate same area for long.(before the suction head leave skin, please open the head from side and release the vacuum air, then can be easy to take down and avoid skin being red of pulling)

6. Close blackhead suction function, short press”Cold/hot toggle key”, device enter into freezing mode. Cold head put on treated area and apply cold compress, help to shrink pore. Blackhead machine with derived lotion or pore shirking essence will have much better effect.

The device will be heating if use cold mode for long time, so do not continue to use cold mode. After using cold mode, please power off. The interval time is over 30 minutes before using again.


Features of blackhead tool:

1. Four suction heads, fit for different function and skin.

2. Rechargeable with USB , easy and convenient to use.

3. 2 in 1: hot(open pore) + cold(shrink pore)

4. Intelligent suction way: not hurt skin.

5. Three levels: suitable for different skin.

6. Elegant and exquisite machine body.

Function of best pore vacuum device:

1. Blackhead removal

2. Wrinkle removal

3. Promote blood circulation

4. Increase skin elasticity

5. Remove dead skin.


Specification sheet of best blackhead vacuum machine: 

Product parameter  
Product name portable cold and hot blackhead remover face cleaner
Product type SC488
Charging voltage/current

DC 5V 1A

Battery specification polymer lithium battery, 3.7V, 750mAh
Rated power 5W
Product material ABS
Warm temperature 40±2℃
Freezing temperature decreasing amplitude≥15℃
Vacuum degree ≤-55kpa
Product size 172*42*56.5mm
Product weight 180g


Taboos people of blackhead extractor tool:

1. Children.

2. Allergy sufferers.

3. Insanity people.

4. Pregnant women.

5. Menstrual period or breast-feeding period.

6. Body isn’t comfortable, such as having a fever, heart disease, wounds, skin disease and so on.


Attention matters of best blackhead remover vacuum device:

1. Please do not operate areas: eyes, eyeball, wounds, neck, heart around.

2. Please do not use diluent, benzene or other solute to clean or wipe this device.

3. Please do not soak into water or other liquid.

4. Please take the device far away from high temperature environment.

5. Please do not tear down by yourself.

6. Please take the product far away from strong electromagnetic field such as induction cooker.

7. Please keep your hands being dry when using this device.

8. Please put the machine to the place that children cannot touch.

9. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop and ask for help from doctor.

10. Before and after operating, please clean the head by water or using the cotton swab with alcohol. And dry the head before installation.

11. Please do not operate same area for long time.

12. Dry skin use one time per week, oily combination skin use twice per week.

Each time operates around 5 minutes, the exact time can adjust according to personal skin situation.

13. Please do not use large force to press skin, because the device will have strong suction.

14. Please change and clean filter sponge regularly.

15. Long time using will heat the device, please power off and stop over 30 minutes before using again.



The disadvantages of traditional ways:

1.Blackhead derived lotion: large skin stimulus and be easy to be allergic.

2.Squeeze blackhead by hand: much pain and pore will be larger.

3.Blackhead nasal strip: time and energy consuming, it cannot clean well.

4.Acne needle: large danger and pain, it cannot totally clean.



Video of blackheads vacuum machine:



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