body massage weight loss Machine JF263

Product name: G5 vibration & massage body slimming beauty machine

Feature:Cellulite Reduction, Weight Loss

Rated voltage Maximum Power:AC110V/220V,50/60HZ

Maximum power: 260W

Handles: 4 pcs

Size: 102*44*41cm

Gross weight:16.0kg

Color:  White


Overview of Body Massage Weight Loss Machine

This equipment is based on the principle of physical therapy vibration. The vibration energy emitted by various shaped probes can dissolve fat layers and accelerate blood circulation to achieve body slimming effect. At the same time, it can effectively relieve muscles tension and fatigue, and remove puffiness.

Attention matters of Using leg massager weight reduction Machine 

1. Don’t turn on the machine before all preparation is done, otherwise damage rate of vibratory massage heads will increase.

2. It is not necessary to add oil on the axis of rotation or the machine. All shafts and bearings are of enclosed type and automatic lubrication.

3. Use soft soap liquid and mild water to clean accessories and the machine outer. Alcohol or cleaning solution is not allowed.

4. It can not be used on bleeding area, damaged skin and malignant injury. Those suffering from acute inflammation are free from this treatment.

5. This machine can not be applied on those suffering from hrombophlebitis and lymphangitis.

6. This machine can not be applied on those suffering from lung over anoxia and other lung diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis.

7. This machine can not be applied on infants and women during pregnancy and menstruation.

Specification Sheet of home massage weight reduction Machine :

Product parameter  
Product name vibration & massage body slimming beauty machine
Product type JF263
Rated voltage AC110V/220V,50/60HZ
Maximum power 260W
Size 102*44*41cm
Net weight 13.5kg
Gross weight 16kg

Target people of weight reduction massage therapy Equipment

1. Business people

Frequent working dinner activities, irregular life, endocrine dyscrasia.

2 Office people

Sit in front of computer for long time, waist fat accumulation, form pail waist.

3 Postpartum obesity people

Body is out of shape after giving birth to baby. Skin is loose and pendulous and get pregnancy wrinkles.

4.Middle-aged obesity people

Basic metabolism decline, lack of sport exercise and much fat intake.


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