Coolsculpting Body Slim Machine JF262

Product name: Portable Fat Freezing Body Slimming Machine

Vacuum pressure: Maximum 45kPa

Power: 90W

Vacuum pressure: Maximum 45kPa

Cooling temperature: -2℃-12℃

Setting time:30-99 minutes

Gross weight: 6.5Kg

Material: ABS

Application: For Commercial & Home Use

Warranty: 1 Year

Use principle of Coolsculpting Body Slim Machine

Freezing fat reducing is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to reduce fat cells without damage to other tissues. Fat cells are vulnerable to energy extraction that surrounding tissues. A non-invasive applicator is attached to the targeted procedure area to extract energy from the underlying fat tissue, at the same time, protecting the skin, nerves, muscles and other tissue. The cooled fat cells undergo apoptosis and are gradually eliminated, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

 Theory of Fat Freezing Slimming Device

Frozen slimming machineis non-invasive fat removal procedure.
It is the cooling of subcutaneous fat cells, which induces lipolysis and the breaking down of the fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissues or skin.
Frozen slimming machine works to reduce fat in specific areas of body and is most commonly used on stomach and back.

Features of coolsculpting treatment Machine 

The current non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies and new hot spot.
More advanced than liposuction, fat melting technology
Europear most popular new way to lose weight
Can be up to 26% of the treatment area of new technology to destroy fat
Superior RF and ultrasound fat melting technology
Selectivity can be cut a fat waist, back fat and cellulite micro innovation

Functions of freeze belly fat slim body Machine 

1. Remove intractable cellulite.Cryo fat freezing

2. Shift fat tissues and firming skin.

3. Remove fine lines and eliminate edema.

4.Shape a perfect and confidant body !

 Parameter of freeze fat off Machine

Product Name Portable Fat Freezing Body Slimming Beauty Machine
Type JF262
Output Voltage DC12V/7A
Input Voltage 100-240V
Output Power 90W
Cooling Temperature -2℃-12℃
Vacuum Pressure Maximum 45KPa
Setting Time 30-99 minute
Main Machine Size 21*16*8cm
Main Machine Weight 2.4kg
Box Size 37*24*14cm
Packing Size 40*30*18cm
Gross Weight 6.5kg





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