Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager Beauty Machine SC807

Product Name: rf eye lifting beauty machine

Technology: RF + red led light + Roller Massage

Input power: 30W

Output power: 25W

RF Frequency: 1MHz

Red led light: 650nm 0.1W

Net weight / product size: 1.4kg / 25.3*25.3*16cm

Gross weight / package size: 2.4kg / 26*24.3*25.3cm

Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz

Function: Eye lifting; wrinkle removal; eliminate dark circles and eye bags

Warranty: 1 year

Description of Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager Beauty Machine: 

Product parameter
Product Name
RF Eye Area Eye Lifting Beauty Machine
Model Number
RF + red led light + Roller
Input Voltage
AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Input power
Output power
RF Frequency
Red led light
650nm 0.1W
Net weight
Product size
Gross weight
Packing size
Eye area skin lifting; wrinkle removal; eliminate dark circles; remove eye bags;

Overview of magic eye massager: 


Red led light produce resonance with human body cell promote metabolism and cellular absorption. High-frequency RF penetrate the epidermal basal melanocytes, to heat eye area skin, promoting eye area blood circulation to eliminate dark circles and eye bags and stimulate collagen regeneration to lift and firm the skin. Special Roll ball design combining with rf heating, deeply import essence into eyes skin, so that the nutrition is fully absorbed by skin.

Features of vibrating eye massager:

  1. 5 colors available—— multiple colors for you to choose.
  2.  3 technologies in 1—— RF(Radio frequency) + red led light + roller massage
  3.  Convenient operation handle—— integrated with energy regulation buttons.
  4.  Serum container—— enable the serums to outflow slowly from the probe while operating.

Functions of eye massage machine:

Eye area skin lifting , Eliminate dark circles

Smooth fine line and wrinkles, Skin moisturizing, Reduce neck wrinkles

Video of eye wrinkle removal machne:


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