Eye massager for dark circles Beauty Device SC222

Function​: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, skin tightening


Working Mode:RF, Vibration, Nutrient Leading In, IR

Power: 25W

Certification: CE Rohs

Package size: 35.5cm *31.5cm *16cm

Warranty: 1 Year


Product Description eye massager for dark circles Beauty Device


High frequency vibration
Smart nutrition lead-in
Infrared ray care  RF

High frequency vibration The high frequency vibration helps to promote skin blood circulation and skin metabolism.
Infrared ray

The infrared ray activation the lieveness of macromolecule

The infrared ray has a wave length of 630mm which can penetrate skin deeply and activate the lieveness of macromolecule.

RF RF is a high frequency that produces vibration to heat skin surface.The produced vibration activates the regeneration of collagen ,so as to reduce facial wrinkles.


Fade puffy eyes, Fade dark circle,Compact skin,Relive the eye fatigue,Relieve edema,

Smooth fine wrinkles.

Application of best eye massager Machine

1.Eye part
Under-eye dark circle and under-eye puffiness improvement,Wrinkle removal, Eye corner lifting.
2.Face part
Face lifting, Skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation, Pore tightening, Wrinkle improvement.


Working Mechanism in 1 Machine

Radio Frequency Mechanism

Nutrient Solution Leading Mechanism

Infrared Light Mechanism

Vibration Mechanism

 effect of eye care beauty massager:

A:Whiten skin

B.Eye stress relieve

C.Remove black eye circle

D.Tighten and lift skin

Parameter of eye massagers:

Technology type
Radio frequency, Vibration, Infrared light,Nutrient Solution Leading
Vibration (Energy 0-3)
Energy 1 (100Hz) / Energy 2 (125Hz) / Energy 3 (150Hz)
Infrared wave
Power supply
AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz / AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz(Optional)
Rated input power
30W (Max)
Output power
25W (Max)
Net weight
Gross weight
Machine size
Length 253mm×Width253mm×Height160mm
Package size
Length 355mm×Width315mm×Height160mm








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