EZ Negative pressure Injector Skin Tightening Machine SC311

Product Name​: Face lifting EZ deep injection gun for mesotherapy

Function:Shrink pores,Recover skin flexibility,Moisturizing…

Power: 4W

Charging: After full charge, can use up to 2000 times

Display: 1.5 inch LED

Injection settings:5 degrees of continuous mode

Warranty: 1 Year



Hyaluronic acid injection into the skin depression, stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, lastingly maintaining the dynamic balance of subcutaneous collagen at the injection site. Can effectively eliminate various problems, such as wrinkles, dull complexion, etc.

Advantages of EZ Injector:

1、Needles are free to choose (√Nine needle √Five needle √Single needle)

2、The dosage can be adjusted freely: multi-stall dose adjustment is stable and convenient

3、Equipped with charging seat

4、Detachable butt type negative pressure handle: the Hydrolifting is more powerful, more convenient

(Remove the handle, use the host alone, you can also carry on the uric acid injection)


6、New OLED display: can provide a wide range of perspective, a clear screen can be more easily grasp the configuration information

7、Energy-efficient ecological technique: Standby power is zero when not in use

Efficiency of EZ Injection:

1、Moisturizing: Supplementing moisture to skin deep, so that the skin becomes moist, always keep shiny translucent, moisturizing effect lasting

2、Water and oil balance: Keep your skin in good condition

3、Tighten and repair: The growth factor and other vitamins are transported to the dermis, to promote the re-activation of fibroblasts, make the skin full of flexibility

4、Brighten your skin : The whitening factor, antioxidant substances are transported to the dermis, repair damaged skin cells, once again make the skin becomes delicate, soft white luster

5、Remove wrinkles : Inject the hyaluronic acid and growth factors into the dermis layer of the skin, effectively improve the skin, enhance facial skin, shaping a good curve

6、Dilute the pock, effectively transport the nutrients

7、Shrink pores: improve the rough skin

Method 1: The host only

1、Make sure the power is off, select the desired syringe and the injection piston to screw on

2、Place the syringe fixing head on the main unit and turn it clockwise

3、Remove the rubber cap from the syringe, install a single needle or multiple

Method 2: Use a negative pressure handle

1、Push the host from the top of the handle to the end, install it

2、Insert the filter on the filter socket of the handle

3、Install the syringe fixing head after installing the syringe

4、Install the needle, connect the needle and the filter with a tube

Functions of memory button:

*There are two kind of memory button(M1 M2), can easily evoke two pre-set values

* After setting the desired configuration, press and hold the key for more than 2 seconds to store the setting

Charging method of EZ Mesotherapy Device:

Insert the charger into the charging base of 100 ~ 240V AC, connect the plug to the charging socket on the back of the charging base


For the first time to open the product, please use after full charge


Name: EZ Negative pressure Hydrolifting beauty machine

Main functions: Auxiliary hyaluronic acid inject

Power: built-in lithium battery 7.4V 850mAH

Charger: lithium battery 8.4V DC / 500mAmax output, AC100 ~ 240V (50 / 60Hz) input

Charging: After full charge, can use up to 2000 times

Power: 4W

Material: Host, negative pressure handle, charging base—plastic material

Syringe fixed head, filter—polycarbonate

Syringe piston—nickel-plated material

Negative pressure tube—silicon tube

Weight: Host: 220g (including injection head)

Negative pressure handle: 100g

Negative pressure handle: 170 * 70 * 48mm

Display: 1.5 inch LED

Power supply operation: button manual switch (5 minutes without operation will automatically shut down)

Mode: Continuous  Dose

Injection settings: 5 degrees of continuous mode



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