Facail Massage ozone machine SC332

Product name​: Facial Massage ozone therapy Machine

Material: ABS

Application: home use

Color: White

Power: 5 W ± 10%

Packing Size: 23*10*8cm

Certification: CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Principle of Facial Massage ozone machine:

Ozone is widely known as the ozone that has the property of sterilizing and now is popularly used in beauty industry. This device
produces ozone to sterilize bacteria in pores.

Features of skincare ozone treatment :

1. Oxygen Molecular Technology
Using low frequency circuit,when the skin touch the Ozone head, it will generate O3, to achieve the effect of sterilization and
disinfection, treat the acnes and pimples.
For long-term use, it can enhance the oxidation effect, then to decompose the heavy metals, toxicant, sulfide and other hazardous
substances inside the human body.
2.Compact Skin, Prevent Wrinkles
6 Million times/second micro current go through the skin basement,stimulate the regeneration of collagen,make the skin recover
firming and fade the stubborn wrinkles.
3. Medical Professional Safety probe
Mdecical grade quality,three-dimensional spherical design,300 times toughness test,to protect your skin from any harmness.
4. Intelligent Humanization Design
With low, middle, strong adjustable modes for your choose, easy and convenient operation.

Effect of skincare ozone therapy machine:

1. Can quickly remove dirt deep in the skin, soften cuticles, leaving skin perfectly clear and fresh;
2. Make the skin regain its luster;
3. Speed up the metabolism,increase skin elasticity;slow down aging and generation of wrinkles;
4. Can sterilize and disinfect skin(Remove Acnes,Remove Acarus,Relieve Color Spots and Decompose Melanin) and whiten.
5. Anti-wrinkles,Whiten,Relieve Color Spot,Remove Acnes,Lift and Tighten skin,Cleasing and Anti-inflammatory.

Product Name
Vamsluna Ozone Beauty Massager
Voltage, Power
Acne Removal, Face Cleansing, Skin Rejuvenation
1x Ozone Beauty Massager , 1x User Manual


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