facial cleansing brush skin massage Device SC482

Type​: best facial cleansing brush

Material: ABS

Power: 1.5W

Slow speed level: 300 rpm

High speed level: 450 rpm

Gross weight: 145g

Application: For Commercial & Home Use

Warranty: 12 months

Feature of facial cleansing brush skin massage Device:

1. Three replaceable heads.

2. 2 varying levels of rotating speed.

3. Only 2 minutes each time.

4. Dust-proof and water-proof design.

5. Breathable protective cover.

6. USB charging.

7. Easy to carry.


Function of electric face cleanser:

1. Deep cleaning.

2. Remove blackhead.

3. Shirk pores.

4. Remove makeup residue.

5. Improve oily skin.

6. Improve dull skin.


Two speed of skin cleansing brush:

1. Low speed: 300/min

Delicate, sensitive skin. Gently clean and remove make-up and dirt.

2. High speed:450/min

Oily and thicker cuticle skin. Deeply exfoliate and brighten skin.


Attention matters of my massage facial at home:

1. If the host a little hot during charging is normal.

2. It appears skin abnormalities during operating, please stop using it immediately.

3. 15 years old children under the age should not use this product.

4. Do not soak the device in water, may cause damage.

5. Do not drop or strong impact.

6. Do not in direct sun exposure.

7. Do not long-term storage in humidity environment.

8. The red light flash in charging, red light is on when fully charged.

9. Brush head should be replaced every 3 months.


Specification Sheet of home massage face cleanser machine :

Product parameter
Product name 3 in 1 portable electric face cleaning brush
Type SC464
Material ABS
Voltage DC 3.7V
Power 1.5W
Slow speed level 300 rpm
High speed level 450 rpm
Product size 9.5*5.5*5.5cm
Net weight 106g
Gross weight 145g
Color white
Warranty 12 months



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