Facial Scrubber Deep Cleansing Device SC651

Product name: Face cleaning ultrasonic skin scrubber

Application: For Commercial & Home Use, Home use or beauty center

Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Facial skin scrubber

Working environment: 0-35℃

Battery volume: 600mAh

Power: 2.2W

Function: 1.Deep cleaning. 2.Skin moisturizing. 3.Remove dirt.

Waterproof level: IPX5

Service: OEM/ODM

Warranty: 1 year

Main function of best ultrasonic skin scrubber:

1. Deep cleaning.

2. Skin moisturizing.

3. Remove dirt.

4. Improve skin elasticity.

5. Smooth skin.

6. Remove acne.

7. Face lifting.


Advantages of ultrasonic face scrubber: 

1. Ultrasonic + Ion + Blue light.

2. IPX5 waterproof level.

3. Two color available: white and black.

4. Small machine with multiple function.

5. Five modes.

6. Intelligent auto power off.

7. Easy operation, one button control.


Parameter of sonic skin scrubber:

Product parameter
Product nameFace cleaning ultrasonic skin scrubber
Working environment0-35℃
InputAC100-240V, 50/60HZ
OutputDC 5V, 1A
Battery volume600mAh
Ultrasonic frequency24KHz
Blue light wavelength465±3nm
Waterproof levelIPX5
Product size17.5*2*5.2cm
Net weight205g
Warranty12 months


Attention matters of ultrasonic ion skin scrubber:

1. Do not use near area with metal prosthesis, such as eye balls, inner ear, bone areas and joints.

2. Prohibit use in vein or arterial pathology areas.

3. Please store the device in a clean and stable place.

4. Do not store in a place overheated or over cold.

5. Charging base is not waterproof, keep the charging base dry.

6. Keep the device away from children.

7. The device is set to work 10 minutes and then turn off automatically.

8. After each use, clean the device with a wet cloth and then keep it in a dry and cool place.

9. Personal use only, do not share the device with others.


Video  of facial skin scrubber:


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