Muscle Therapy Massage Fascial Gun

Product Name: Body Massage Gun

Functio: timing control, percussion massage

Massage area:Body , muscle, leg ,etc

After-sale Service: Online Technical Support

Material: ABS

Massage Heads:4 Massage Heads

Battery: 1800mah 18650

Massage Modes: 6 massage modes / 6 massage speeds

Feature of Muscle Therapy Massage Fascial Gun:

  • 6-Speeds High Frequency Vibration:The muscle massager can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain, increase blood flow and range of motion, and improve the health of the bodys soft tissues. Meet different needs, meet your various muscle relaxation and defeat lactic acid, refuse pain;
  • 45DB Low Noise Design: Deep Tissue Massager adopts high-quality brush dc motor,ultra-strong heat dissipation,quite glide noise reduction technology that bring high power but low noise.


Spart Parts of Smart Fascia Body Massage Gun :


  • Round ball head: For large muscle groups and extreme muscles and joint soreness;
  • Bullet head: Mainly used for joints, deep tissues,trigger points and small muscle areas;
  • U-shaped head : Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder for sensitive muscles or soft tissues;
  • Flat head: Suitable for all parts of the body, such as back and leg.


Portable Handheld Cordless Percussion Body Massager Machine Brushless Vibration Massage Gun

1. Strong impact massager, high frequency vibration. 2. 6 different massage heads, with different parts of the body massage. 3. Hand-held massager, easy to use and carry. 4. Charging style, to solve the problem of not long enough wires. 5. Batteries with strong endurance will last longer.
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Precautions of Muscle Therapy Massage Gun :

1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation 2. Do not impact the joints Massage gun relaxation is generally only applicable to muscle and soft tissue. If you directly impact the joint, it is almost the same as knocking on the stone of the joint, which is likely to cause joint damage. 3. Not applicable to all parts Muscles such as the neck, chest, abdomen, and axilla are thinner, and the parts that rely on organs and aorta are completely discouraged. 4. Not the longer the time, the more effective the pain The use experience should be maintained at 6-8 points of soreness, and the use time at the same location should be controlled within 1 minute as much as possible. 5. Do not use for young infants, minors, pregnant women, those who have pacemakers, fractures or have metal contents in their



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