Foldable led light therapy skin tightening machine LB340

Function​: Skin Rejuvenation,Acne Treatment,Wrinkle Remover

LED Color: 4 Colors

Technology: LED light therapy

Power: 120w

Material: ABS

Voltage: 110V/240V

Gross weight: 6.5KG

Packing size: 480*232*305mm

Warranty: 1 Year

Product advantages of led light therapy skin tightening machine

1.360 lamp beads.
2.Gradient photocycle light.
3.Large irradiation range.
4.You can do it all over the body.
5.PVC material.
6.Folding design.
7.5 modes.
8.Foldable pdt led light therapy Equipment.

Function of led light therapy equipment

1.Eliminate acne.
2.Alleviate acne scar.
3.Whiten and rejuvenate skin.
4.Remove yellow spots.
5.Stimulate collagen regeneration.
6.Remove wrinkle.

Attention Matter of photon led light therapy Device

1.Keep this device away from strong sunlight and humid environment.
2.make sure the working environment is cool and has excellent ventilation.
3.Put the device on a stable smooth place/platform.
4.When this device is in working status, no other heat emission device is allowed to use at the same time.
5.Keep this device from water.
6.If something abnormal detected like strange noise from inside device, burning smell, please immediately unplug the device and
contact the service centerller.
7.Quilt or cloth are forbidden to put on the device.
8.If there are some dirty dust spot on the device, it is advised to use soft cloth to clean it.
9.If any abnormal symptoms of users detected during treatment please stop using immediately.
10.Keep this device away from strong sunlight and humid place, make sure it has a good ventilation.




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