Fractional Radio Frequency Skin Care Beauty Machine LB392

Name: Fractional RF Beauty Machine

Feature: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover

Applicatio: For Commercial, home use/salon use

Technology: Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA)

Input power: AC110-240V 50-60Hz

Output power: 30-200W

Size of the probe:1cm2

Thermal temperature: 400℃

Total shots: 50,000/probe

Keywords: rf titanium thermal fractional machine

Warranty: 1 year

Description of Fractional Radio Frequency Skin Care Beauty Machine:

Principle of fractional rf skin tightening device:

This machine adopts Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology. It can create deep or shallow micro-channels of controlled thermal injuries to the skin to stimulate collagen production and aid rejuvenation to effectively solving many problems such as wrinkles, acne marks, large pores, sunken scars, skin coarseness, skin discoloration and stretch marks.

Specification sheet of rf microneedle machine: 

Product parameter
Product Name
Thermal Fractional Skin Rejuvenation Machine
Model Number
Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA)
Input power
AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Output power
Size of the probe
Total shots
Packing size
Gross weight

Functions of fractionated microneedle radiofrequency equipment:

Features of fractional rf acne scars device:

1. Natural heat conduction—— no burning, no bleeding, faster recovery and less discomfort than laser treatment.
2. Instant residence on the skin within 0.02s—— safe and painless.
3. Two treatment modes—— single-shot mode and double shot mode.
4. Separated probes for face and body treatment—— safe differed treatment depths for two different areas.
5. The treatment time is presettable—— more convenient to operate.
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