hot and cold hammer face lifting device SC335

Product name​: Hot And Cold Facial Hammer Ultrasonic facial massage skin care

Application: hot/ cold treatment


Color: White

Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Certification: CE ROHS

Warranty: 1 year


Technology of hot and cold hammer face lifting device:

1. Ion effect: supply nourishment, it can transfer nutrition to deep skin, to help beauty care.

2. Hot effect: it can produce warm and improve absorption of beauty products. It can activate blood circulation and help absorb nutrition more effectively.

3.Cold effect: it can soft sensitive skin and make skin feel cool and calm, it can ease and relieve pain. In addition, it can firm and tighten skin, shrink pores by massage skin muscle.

4.LED care :

Red light(625nm): Also called biological activity light, wavelength 630nm, activate cells, Stimulate the production of collagen,remove wrinkles, eye pouch and fine lines, anti-aging and antioxidant.

Blue light(427nm) : wavelength 415nm, reduce inflammation, it can remove acne, balance skin oil and moisture, reduce pore size, suitable for oil and sensitive skin.

Usage of hot and cold hammer for face Device:

1. Use positive ion to clean the face.

2. Use hot function, open the pores.

3. Use negative ions to lead in nutrition.

4. Use cold function to tighten skin.

Suitable of ultrasonic hot and cold hammer:

1. Flabby and lost elasticity skin

2. Yellow complexion, skin with huge pores.

3. Aging skin.

4. Wrinkles and fine lines.



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