Hydra facial diamond peeling machine LB112

Product name: 3 in 1 multifunction microdermabrasion machine


Feature: Skin Rejuvenation

Application: Clinic

Product type: Facial Cleanser


Machine size: 28*25*22 cm

Keywords: multifunction microdermabrasion machine

Certification: CE ROHS

Warranty: 1 year

Theory of  hydra facial diamond peeling machine:

Diamond peeling hydrafacial treatment machine is the use of patented diamond miniature tube, top inlaid with different degrees of thickness of fine diamond particles, by rubbing back and forth the way, and with vacuum suction control suction strength will wear off the shallow layer of the epidermis, is a kind of Non-invasive, physical, shallow dermabrasion. This kind of purely physical and mechanical principles, as opposed to acid skin by way of removing horny substances have the advantage of mild non-irritating to the skin, suitable for very sensitive skin. Through the suction pipe size from miniature to control the depth of granularity, less irritating, you do so is not easy to take care of the wound problems are not easy to have pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and the operation will not have crystal particles flying, residual Problem, the whole process is very clean, very safe.

Function of diamond peel treatment device:

1.  Whitening and anti-wrinklle

2.  Ascension, tightening

3.  Sculpture facial contour

4.  Convergence chin

5.  Contractive pore, calm, allergy

6. Improve eye problems (eye end lines, pouch, black rim of the eye)

7.acne removal,dark cirle removal,wrinkle removal,whitening,rejuvenation,lifting,shaping

O2 Water Spray of hydra peel facial equipment:

Deep water tender skin apparatus use extreme pressure oxygen to put sterilization brine (saline) and oxygen into the simultaneous air pressure equipment,and  transform drop of water of granular type into tiny molecular weight and work on the skin, tiny drops of water will spray (jet spray) out by special designed nozzle jet in the form of mist spray and inject rapidly water and oxygen into the bottom of the human skin.

1. It can moisturize skin deeply and enhance skin water content;
2. It promotes cell regeneration, increases cellular oxygen and activates the skin to reach the anti-aging effect;
3.It promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, fade fine lines to restore flexibility, soothe sensitivity, reduce swelling and microvascular surface phenomenon;
4.It helps to the physical and mental health , replenish their energy, improve microcirculation and respiratory system and enhance the body of oxygen content as well as improve metabolism.
It is ideal for spraying lotion, scented water or essential oils. It can clean, purify, smooth, and stimulate the skin
Recommended operating time: 5-6 minutes

Advantages of skin hydrafacial machine:

1.Portable design, elegant futuramic design

2.Easy &simple to handle

3.Durable & nice shell

4.Best after sale-service

5.High quality

6.competitive price.


 Specifications of microcrystal dermabrasion product: 

Functions Specifications
Power  13.5W
Voltage  100~240V, 50/60Hz
Vacuum pressure  60-70 cm HG
Oxygen spray  liters per minute >=4.8L/M
Vacuum Pressure  650mmHg/0.8Bar
Packing Size 27*27*27cm
G.W 4kg
N.W 2kg



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