Laser tattoo removal face cleanser Machine EN067

Product name​: Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Cooling system:Water cooling + air cooling system

Function: Eyebrow tattoo/Eye lines/Birthmark removal

Pluse duration:1-10ns

Pluse width: 2000mj

Frequency: 1-10HZ

Wavelength:1320nm, 1064nm, 532nm

Screen: 4.3 inches touch screen

Warranty: 1 Year


Principle of Laser tattoo removal face cleanser Machine?

Laser technology has greatly improved the ability to treat melanocytic lesions and tattoos with the rapidly pulsed Q-switched neodymium: yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Nd YAG) laser. The laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos are based on principle of selected photothermolysis. The QS laser Systems can successfully lighten or eradicate a variety of benign epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and tattoos with minimal risk of untoward effects.

Function of skin laser tattoo removal Equipment:

1. Improved  efficiency and providing the best solutions for non-burning on the hand-piece at all.

2. Long life Xenon Lamp, which is manufactured with US technology.

3. More stabile hand-piece structure.

4. Added infrared Guide light to aim to the target tissue correctly.

5. Portable design and easy operation makes it ideal for traveling services

6. Lower cost and wide range of applications / usages makes for a  faster return on investment.

Application of laser surgery tattoo removal machine:

No injury to skin ; no risk of scarring for each treatment

  • new / old tattoo & ink removal
  • eyebrow/eyeline/lipline removal
  • Birthmark/Nevus of Ota/Nevus removal
  • skin rejuvenation and whitening    

Advantages of yag laser tattoo removal Device:

Nd yag laser handle: using imported laser bar ,more than 1 million shots time.

1) The 1064nm mainly for black,blue,cyan pigment,

2) The 532nm mainly for red, coffee, brown pigment.

3) Adjustable 1064/532nm for big area tattoo removal .

4) Fixed 1064/532nm for small area or special place tattoo removal.

5) 1320nm for Black Doll Treatment (skin whiten)


Specification of permanent tattoo removal Device:


Laser type Q-switch ND YAG Laser
Laser output wave length 1064nm/532nm/carbon tip
Laser Pulse energy 0~2000mj
Laser Pulse width ~10ns
Laser Power 2000w
Laser Recurrence rate 1-10Hz
Aming Light Red infrared light
Laser Lamp life time More than 1,000,000 shots
Spots Diameter 1-8mm(continously adjustable)
Laser Robs yellow crystal rods
Screen Button-touch
Color White
Case Material Metal
Laser Cooling condition Wind + water
Laser Power source 220V/5A or 110V/10A
Size 52×52×46(package)
Net weight 17KG  q switch nd yag laser




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