lip care eye massage Device SC517

Product Name: Eyes and Lips Massage Care Device


Material: ABS+PC

Power: ≤1 W

Operating Current: 20-200 mA

Operating Voltage:3.7 V

Charging Voltage: 5V

Vibration frequency: 12000 rpm

Charging Time: About 2h

Product Size:119*23*23mm


Working Principle of lip care eye massage Device

ION Lifting + 12000times/m micro-vibration massage + Photon Light  

All-in-one unit provides heating, high frequency micro- vibration, photo-rejuvenation, and ions functions to improve skin care effect, make skin more elastic. 12000times/m of high frequency micro-vibration massage, stimulate dermal blood cells, accelerate regrowth of collagen, restore elastic fiber.
Eye Massager Feature

1. Intelligent design: on/off touch control, sensor switch; 

2. 12000times/m high frequency micro-vibration massage; 
3. Photo-rejuvenation; 
4. 42℃±3℃ comfortable thermal care massage; 
5. Automatically shut down when not used for 2 minutes, prolonging its service life and ensuring safety; 
6. Ion heating; 
7. Portable USB charging. 
8. Delicate design, elliptical arc design of massage head, two vibration levels available.

 Functions of lip lift Machine lip therapy

1. Removing eye wrinkles and dark circles; 2. Tightening eye area skin;
3. Relieving eye fatigue;
4. Lifting face skin;
5. Tightening lipline and neck skin;
6. Eye lifting & Face Lifting
Eye Massager Instructions

Step 1: Apply desired skin care essence on face 

Step 2: Press the On/Of key 2 seconds to turn on or off the instrument. Shortly press On/Off key to switch red and blue light (Default as Red light when turn on the instrument). 
Step 3: Hold the sensor plate and use the massage head to apply on the skin. 
Step 4: Please clean the massage head with a towel or tissue after using, and put on the cap.

Treatment Area lips tips face massage Machine 

Eyes around 

Applying skin care cream/gel, move uniformly and massage gently from one side of the canthus to the other side, to lift, smooth and deeply nourish eye area skin. 
Massage the cheeks upward and outward to accelerate blood circulation, stimulate dermal brood cells, decompose extra facial fat, remove fine wrinkles, firm facial skin. 
Upward massaging from eyebrow to hair line, 12000 times/s high-frequency micro-vibration massage activate skin cells, promote nutrition penetration, soothe brows and relax pressure.
Neck Skin
Massage neck skin upward to promote skin absorption and deep moisturizing.
Mouth Corners
Lift up the corners of mouth by massaging, tighten lipline, keep the corners of mouth presenting charming Mona Lisa smile.





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