MTS Beauty Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine SC253

Product name: Salon professional Cosmetic Tattoo Machine

Application Parts: eyes, brows, lips, MTS

Needles: 1R.3R.5R.3F.5F.7F

Package size: 150*180*70mm

Operation screen size: 65*1122*15mm

Input voltage:110V-220V AC 50/60HZ

Speed: 1-15 level

Output voltage: 4~12V (adjustment)

Color: grey

Warranty: 1 year

Product description:

Operational skills:
1pcs 3FP pin and 6pcs/bag (1P/1D/3P/5P/5PF/7PF) for different operations use
Eyebrows: (8-11 Grades) suggest to use a round 3 Pin operation. Adjust according to the skin thickness.
Eyeliner: (8-10 Grades) suggests to use round 3 Pin operation, 1 pin to end, according to skin thin thickness to choose appropriate adjustment.
Lips: (7-8 Grades) suggest four rows of Pin or round 5 Pin . Adjust according to skin thickness.
MTS: 10 Grade, with small Pin head operation, according to skin thickness to make proper adjustment.


  • LCD SCREEN: Can show the power, speed, mode and working condition of the machine. Easy operation button, Up and down keys for speed adjustment, easy to control
  • FOUR OPTIONAL MODES WORK: Line, Brow, Lip, MTS can be applied on different parts,best tool for beginer. And this tattoo machine will use not heat for long time using, which is durable
  • USE SAFE: be auto off when the power is overloaded, Power can switch between two machines at the same time to make the operation become more efficient
  • STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL PEN: smooth and durable,pen head can be auto locked,which is easy to install,the inserting depth of pins and speed level and working time can be adjusted,which can ensure the precise operation
  • TATTOO KIT: contains tattoo pen,machine and tool head,this tattoo machine will get heat for a a long time use,suitable for eyeliner, lip, eyebrow and hairline tattoo,spot, acne and wrinkle removal, application of various skin types


Item Type: Digital Permanent Makeup Machine
Voltage: 100-240V
Needles: 1pcs 3FP + 6pcs/bag (1P/1D/3P/5P/5PF/7PF)
Pen Material: Stainless Steel
Pen Length: Approx. 12cm
Digital Controller Size: Approx. 6.5 x 1.4 x 12.4cm
Total Weight: Approx. 520g

Package List:

1 x Digital Controller
1 x Pen
1 x 3FP
1 x 6pcs/bag (1P/1D/3P/5P/5PF/7PF)
1 x Adaptor
1 x Connection Cable
1 x Manual




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