Neck Care Massager Wrinkle Removal Device SC327

Product name: anti-wrinkle neck guard beauty machine

Battery capacity: 650 MA

Net weight : 67g(signal)

Packing weight: 400g

Product material : ABS

Battery charging time : 2 hours( low speed grade can use 12 hours continuously, middle and high grade can use 3 hours)

Warranty: 1 Year



Functions of Neck Care Massager Wrinkle Removal Device


1. Dolphin tail type, exquisite and novel but classic.

2. Arc-shaped cling to neck and body line. Seamless massage and energy send to every inch neck skin.

3. Three sound waves vibration mode

a. Sound waves ion are imported, help skin absorb nutrient ingredient.

b. Traditional manual massage, nutrient ingredient stay skin surface, cannot effectively care skin.

4. Model memory function.

5. USB wire charging, safe and environmental.



Product advantages of neck massage Device:

1. Mini shape is convenient, you can use anytime and anywhere.

2. Allergic skin also can be used each day, material is environment and healthy with zero stimulation.

3. Applicable people is wide.

Office workers, the elderly, night cat, housewives.

Product Description:


The three mode:

1. Low-speed mode(blue light)

Normal temperature, low vibration sense.

Vibration frequency: 6200 times/ minute

Blue light is coldest light, it can promote the combination of albumen and avitene, activate skin, tighten loose skin, shrink pore, extremely improve oily and sensitive skin.


2. Middle-speed mode(green light)

Heating, middle vibration sense, the temperature is 50 degrees with 5 degree plus or minus.

Vibration frequency: 9500 times/ minute

Green light can improve cells oxygen, according to alternate function, promote body stomach circulation, dredge lymphoid and edema, and also has the effect of calming skin with equilibrium and stability.


3. High speed mode(red light)

Heating, high vibration sense

Vibration frequency: 12500 times/ minute

Red light make cell viability enhance, accelerate blood circulation, promote fiber cell nucleus collagen growth. It has obvious effect to smooth line wrinkles and wrinkles, firm skin, fade out melanin and scar and so on.



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