permanent makeup digital Beauty machine SC314

Name: Newest Digital Permanent Makeup Tattoo Device

Adapter : 100V-240V

Host Weight: 0.8kg

Gross Weight: 2.3kg

Size: 29*16*6cm

Package Size : 40*28*8cm

Color: White

Accessories: Host*1 Hand piece*2 Adapter*1 Cable*2 Needle head*6 Stylus*1 Manual*1

Type: Plug-in

Function of permanent makeup digital Beauty machine:

√Tattoo eyebrow

√Eye line

√Lip line

√MTS micro-needles

√Small tattoo


Adjustment of needles depth

Adjustment the depth of needle by turning the needles depth adjustment. Turn it clockwise, needle depth will be longer. Turn it counterclockwise, needle depth will be shorter.

Advantage of permanent makeup digital Beauty machine:

1,Dual output jack, configure pen A/B, two types of items can be operated at the same time to avoid repeated replacement of needles

2,Disposable aspiration needle, healthy and convenient

3,Adapter needle type is diversification, easy to achieve a multi-purpose machine

4,Adopt advanced atomic fission motor, has a low noise, lasting stability

5,Accurate needle length adjustment and vibration speed regulation, avoid penetrating the skin too deep

6,Touch screen, flexible operation, clean and diasostic

7,Moderate weight, comfortable handhold: according to the human body mechanics design, choice the aviation aluminum, the body is lighter

Mode introduction of permanent makeup pen:

MTS:MTS helps medical supplies be absorbed to skin by irritating

PMU:Marks the color pigments inhale into the needle by injecting them to skin by a back-and-forth motion


Tip of permanent makeup pen tattoo machine:

*Check the host and adapter before use

*When you use the device which has not been used for a long time, make sure it works properly

*Avoid exposure to direct sunlight


Makeup Tattoo (3).jpgMakeup Tattoo (4).jpg



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