Portable 3D Digital Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer LB330

Product name: 3D digital magic mirror skin analyzer​

System: Android 8.1

Power: 45W

Voltage: 110~230 VAC ±10%

Technology: RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology

Pixel: 20 megapixel

Screen size: 10.1 inch touched screen

Product size: 420mm*360*560mm

Product weight: 8kg

Keywords: skin analyzer machine

Warranty: 1 year

Description of Portable 3D Digital Magic Mirror Skin Analyzer:

Professional portable 3D digital magic mirror skin analyzer for salon

Product parameter
Product Name Magic Mirror Max
Type LB330
System Android 8.1
Power 45W
Voltage 110~230 VAC ±10%
Current 0.2A 50Hz
Technology RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology
Pixel 20 megapixel
Screen size 10.1 inch
Product size 420mm*360*560mm
Product weight 8kg
Packing size 500*450*670mm
Packing weight 12kg
Warranty 1 year


Structure of skin analyzer machine:

Working principle of magic mirror:

Magic Mirror Max is the world’s most advanced skin detection equipment together with shooting, analyzing, displaying 3 in 1. It adopts RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis, 12 years market testing, 30 million clinical databases, achieving 15 seconds efficient skin analysis. such as spot, pore, moisture, texture, wrinkle and so on total 12dermis and epidermis skin problems. According to the test results, Magic Mirror Mac recommends products for customized skin management program and predicting the trend of future skin 3-5 years. It is an essential skin detection equipment for cosmetic company, beauty salon, skin clinic and training school, the market demand rate can be as high as 100%.

Machine Details of skin analyser:

Feature of skin analyser machine:

  1. Intelligent acquisition
  2.  Cosmetic recommendation.
  3. 12 kinds of skin analysis.
  4.  20 megapixel HD camera.
  5.  Shooting, analyzing, displaying 3 in 1.
  6. RGB &UV &PL.
  7.  Face recognition technology.
  8.  Cloud storage.
  9.  Integrated design.
  10.  No need for networking.


Accessories of skin care analysis device:

Storage Card


power line

Functions of skin scope machine:

  1. Skin condition analysis.
  2.  Skin condition prediction.
  3.  Cosmetic analysis.
  4.  Detecting skin problems.
  5. Offering skin care plan.
  6.  Automatic photo taking.

    Test on skin analyzer



Company Profile:

MinXu is specialized in beauty machine and provide many kinds beauty service: wrinkle removal, blackhead removal, face cleaning, breast enlargement, weight loss, hair removal, face lifting, acne removal, skin rejuvenation, spot/mole removal and so on. In order to achieve these service effects, it usually adopt technology, such as RF, Cavitation, Fat freezing, ultrasonic, LED light, EMS, micro-current. It improves the beauty of the whole body if you want. Everyone loves beauty. Our company’s beauty machine service can satisfy your many kinds of beauty demands. Help you build healthy and beautiful body and life.
Shipping & Package


  • There’re different packages of our beauty machines:carton box,aluminium alloy and wooden box.
  • No matter which package,there’s cood foam inside of the box to protect the machine during the shipment.So there’s no worry of any damages of the machine.


  • Ship by express(door to door)(dhl.tnt.ups.fedex.ems)
  •  Ship by air express to airport
  • Ship by sea

Video of smart mirror skin analysis:



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