Portable Red Infrared LED Photon Therapy Panel GL010

Feature​: Skin Tightening, Pigment Removal, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation

Application: For Home Use

Type: Plug-in

Input voltage: AC 100-240V

Technology: Photon :red led + near infrared(NIR)

Power: 60W

Led lamp: 40pcs (20pcs red + 20pcs NIR)

Lamp service time: Over 50,000 hours

Wavelength: 660nm 850nm (wavelength customizable)

Package dimension: 27.5*23*7cm

Description of Portable Red Infrared LED Photon Therapy Panel

Portable LED Photon Skin Beauty Body Care Device

Product parameter
Product Name
Portable LED Photon Skin Beauty Body Care Device
Model number
Input voltage
AC 100-240V
Photon :red led + near infrared(NIR)
Led lamp
40pcs (20pcs red + 20pcs NIR)
Lamp service time
Over 50,000 hours
660nm 850nm (wavelength customizable)
Product dimension
Net weight
Package dimension
Gross weight

Principle of led light therapy machine:

The device adopts Photon technology. It has 20pcs red led lamps and 20pcs near infrared lamps. The red light can promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, promote collagen growth to tighten skin and smooth wrinkles. The near infrared light can relieve muscle pain, joint pain and promote tissue healing.

Structure of red led light therapy equipment:

Features of best professional led light therapy machine

1.Photon led technology—— it combines red led light with near infrared light.
2.Portable size and easy to use—— for daily home use, no need to spend money on beauty salons. 3. Facial skin and body care—— it can achieve skin beauty and body care.
4. Customizable wavelength—— the wavelength can be customized as you requested.



Functions of red light therapy devices:

Repair damaged skin
Promote collagen growth
Smooth wrinkles
Tighten skin
Relieve muscle pain
Accelerate muscle healing
Relieve joint pain

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