Portable Titanium ultrasonic beauty machine LB171B

Product name: second generation Titanium ultrasonic beauty machine

Operation System: Supersonic

Application: face , body

probes: 2 probes

Packing Size: 45*27*10cm

Function: wrinkle ,acne , spots removal, slimming and shaping body

Warranty: 1 Year


Working theory

Titanium Ultrasonic Face Lifting Machine produce 100,000 times/s vibrations, affects on every target parts of body, this special massage promote metabolism of cells, activate cells and accelerate blood circulation, in that case, it can restore flexibility of the skin.

Thermal function: the thermal therapy of ultrasonic affects on the blood metabolism,it can accelerate the blood circulation, appease cells and thus ease painful tissues.

Chemical function: ultrasonic can enhance catalysis, and accelerate metabolism, it can increase the PH value to alkalescence, as a result, sterilization capacity can be reinforced.


Function of fat cavitation Machine:

To the face: wrinkle removal, acne and spots removal, improve conditions around eyes and face.

To the body:  slimming and shaping body, body skin caring and whitening, release tire and pain.


 Technique of Double Titanium Probe Ultrasonic slimming:

Mechanical Vibration:

The vibration of the instrument makes the skin produce slight massage. It can stimulate skin , promote metabolism, rearrange the cells, narrow intercellular space and restore normal absorption and metabolism of the cells.

Deep thermal energy:

The heat can penetrate into hypodermic under 5-6 cm. Smooth and activate the circulation of blood vessels and lymphatic cells . It can help restore the tension and strength of the dermis.

Bubble cleansing:

During vibration, it produces many tiny bubbles. Skin cells shake each other, so to enhance the permeability of cell membrane, to let the waste metabolites out from wool stoma by the water.


Operation steps of Facial Body Ultrasonic Beauty Device:

1. Install the two probes on the output jack of the machine.

2. Connect to the power(24v 0.5A adapter), power indicator is on shows the machine is into working mode.

3. Press the power switch first, you can set the face or body energy level, use some beauty care products on the skin, the start the operation.

4. Turn off the equipment when you finish the treatment. Pull out the working probes and clean them for the next use.

match up with firming production or increase used times, obvious results will be seen in a few days.

Specification of Portable Titanium ultrasonic beauty machine :

Model LB171B
Ultrasonic output
Electric current



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