Professional varicose veins Removal Beauty Device EN061

Product name: High Frequency Laser Vascular Removal Spider Vein Removal Machine

Frequency: 30 Mhz radio frequency


Needle:  0.01 mm

Net weight: 5 kg

Advantage 1: Immediately result

Advantage 2: No risk,no scar and no down time

Advantage 3:2 types of treatment needles

warranty: 1 year

Product Description of Professional varicose veins Removal Beauty Device

Basic Principle

Spider Vein Removal Machine use high frequency technology, which can thermal coagulate the hemoglobin immediately and endothelial cells of the amplified blood capillaries closing. Treatment tip diameter is only 0.01mm which will not damage the epidermis. ROYAL-VR366 can remove vascular, skin spot, skin tag and mole by one treatment. As the high energy density could coagulate target tissue immediately, and those target tissues would be sloughed off within 3-7 days. Spider Vein Removal Machine also can remove age spots and sunburn.

Spider veins removal ,pigmentation removal,skin tags removal

Special design treatment pen,easy operation:

  1. 0.03mm needle for skin tags,pigmentation removal
  2. 0.01mm needle for spider veins removal

Treatment Ranges of spider veins on face Device

1. Spider vein removal

2. Skin Excrescence Removal

3. Intradermal Nevus Removal

4. Verruca Plana Removal

5. Pigment Removal

6. Age pigment Removal

7. Sun burning Removal

8. Hyper pigmentation Removal


Advantages of laser treatment for spider veins

1. 8.4″ Color Touch Screen

2. Portable and Smart Design

3. Two working modes (Pulse and CW)

4. Unique 30MHz technology


Technical Parameters of varicose veins treatment Machine 

Operation Interface 8.4″ Color Touch Screen
Frequency: 30MHz
Energy Density: 0-50J/cm2
Power Supply 110/220V; 50/60Hz
Peak Power 500W
Dimension 500*370*220mm
Net Weight 6Kg


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