Rf face lifting body slimming machine LB056

RF: 2MHZ/bipolar

Output energy : 1-15J/cm²

Power consumption : 55W

Output way : continuous

Packing size: 280*280*130mm

Gross weight : 2.0kg

Operating area: face, body, eye

Warranty: 12 months

Working principle of Rf face lifting body slimming machine

RF skin softening anti-aging device is a non-invasive beauty method which can replace surgery lifting, it is a safe, no side effect, no need to stop working, single course beauty treatment method. This treatment system is characteristic. Not only it has instant skin firming effect, also can achieve the effect of prompting collagen long-lasting regeneration effect. Skin with elasticity, the main reason is skin dermis collagen fiber forming skin frame. Along with the aging of people, busy and tried working, skin collagen secretion decrease, then soft skin begin to be loose, dry and appear wrinkles such problem. Therefore, in order to keep young skin, you must increase collagen.


Function of rf skin Tightening machine

1. Firm skin.

2. Smooth wrinkles.

3. Whiten skin.

4. Fade dark circles.

5. Smooth eye pouch.

6. Tender eye.

7. Improve skin vitality.

8. Firm and soften arms and legs.

9. Shape good figure.


Application range of portable rf radio frequency machine

1. The people of 8-60 years old, both the male and female.

2. The people with loose skin, face wrinkle.

3. The people who body area skin is loose.

4. Face or body has wrinkles.

5. Women with striae gravidarum.

6. Face acne.

7. Anti-aging(for neck tightening, belly shaping, build leg shape, remove face baby fat)

8. Sagging eyelid.

9. Neck wrinkle, double chin.


Advantages of rf lifting machine

1. Accurate treatment

2. Obvious treatment effect

3. Long lasting effect

4. Non-invasive and safe.

5. Easy operating and quick treatment


Operating attention matters of rf slimming machine

1. Before using the device, you must smear enough stock solution/essence into face/body, add the comfort.

2. Device intensity vary with each individual, you must use it from smallest level.

3. If not use machine, please power off it. Otherwise the probe continue to work and will damage it.

4. You need to clean the dirty of stainless steel’s groove in case of getting stuck or poor contact, causing RF without output.

5. When use handle, in order to electrode plate totally touch skin, keep the plate is vertical with skin.

6. When handle touch the skin, lightly slide without force.

7. In order to achieve best effect, please remove make-up before use, clean face and smear specialized cream.

8. Please do not use hot water to clean face within 3 days(warm water can use) after operating.

9. Please do not take hot spring within 3 days.


Safety matters of loss weight Device

1) Do not put on light direct place and high temperature place.

2) Please far away from the moist place.

3) Please avoid impacting by external forces, do not fall on the ground when us the handle.

4) Do not continuously use the device for long time(2 hours). you’d better stop 15 minutes after the device working 1 hour.

5) When do the face treatment, please pay attention to avoid eyes.

6) Please do not let children touch the device.

7) Please do not tear down the device by yourself.

8) If tear down yourself, cannot guarantee free repair.


Taboos of Rf Face Lifting wrinkle removal Device

Skin with wounds, please avoid this area.

People with epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, diabetes such diseases or with metal in body cannot operate this device.

Pregnant women, lactation period and menstrual period cannot operate this device.


Packing list
Main machine 1pc
Handle 1pc
Eye probe 1pc
Face probe 1pc
Body probe 1pc
Power line 1pc
Power adapter 1pc




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