Ultrasonic Facial Ion Massager

Product name​: Ultrasound Phototherapy Skin Care Device

Application: Personal

Technology: ultrasound

Photon color: red, green, blue, red+green, red+blue, green+blue, red+green+blu

Working Environment: 5–40℃

Battery Time: About 3hours to fully charge

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Warranty: 1 Year


Principle of photon light therapy ultrasound massage machine:

1.Ultrasound: Ultrasonic therapy (3 million times per minute) is suitable for the skin on facial, eyes and body therapy. Ultrasonic high frequency waves cause proper heat and physical stimulation and movement changes of human cell. It stimulates and adjusts cell membrane. It enhances performance of epidermis and its heat speeds up metabolism and regeneration of epidermal tissue. Meanwhile it helps Ion- and Ion+ better lead in and out any type of skin.

2.Physical Massage: Physical vibration(6500-7000 times per minutes) can accelerate blood circulation, dilute melanin and extra moisture and remove dropsy. Working with Ultrasonic function, it can whiten and tighten your skin.

3.Ion+(lead out):It will form an electric current circuit between palm and skin care area by the device when using positive Ion. Based on the characteristics that opposite charges attract, ion+ can lead the dirt out of deep skin.

4.Ion-(lead in): It will form an electric current circuit between palm and skin care area by the device when using negative ion. Based on the characteristics that like charges repel, ion- can lead in the nutrient of skin care cream for better absorption.

Functions of ultrasonic beauty face massage machine:


Hyperpigmentation and scar

Fine lines and wrinkles

skin swelling around eyes

Skin aging


Advantages of face massage tool ultrasound machine:

 This skin care device has a phototherapy function which includes two colors light red and blue.


l Red light: With a wave length of 625±3nm(18LEDs). This light color brightens skin complexion, also it helps in promoting reproduction of collagen, quickening skin metabolism, removing fine lines and wrinkles on skin.


Blue light: With a wave length of 465±3nm(18LEDs). The blue light has strong effect in killing bacterium, prevent inflammation of ace.


 Usage of Ultrasonic Facial Ion Massager:

 Step1. Face cleaning

Smear some toner on face and gently massage the target skin area. Then switch on the device, select the deep cleaning mode. Put a piece of make-up cotton on the device’s beauty head and fix it by using a rubber band. When all these steps done, then slowly glide the device on chin and target skin area in circle movement for 5 minutes.


Step2. Lead-in and care

Smear proper amount of skin care lotion or essence on target skin area, select the”nutri plus” mode then slowly glide the device on target skin area in circle movement for 10 minutes.


Step3. phototherapy

Switch on the device, select the “whitening” or “anti-acne” mode, then put on the eye-protective goggle and glide the device on the skin, do this therapy for 10–15minutes.


Specification of ultrasound therapy anti aging facial massage Machine:


Product Name

Double-head IPL Ion extracting machine

Product type SC396
Handle material  ABS
Ultrasonic head material stainless steel
machine weight  195G
 packing size 43*35.5*35.5cm


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