ultrasonic skin scrubber Facial Beauty equipment SC408

Feature: Deep Cleansing, Exfoliators

Material:ABS+PC + Stainless Steel

Power supply: Rechargable Li-ion battery inside

Color: White, Pink,Purple, Customized

Technology: ultrasound, Micro current, skin peeling

Ultrasound frequency:24 KHz

Warranty: 1 Year


Principle of ultrasonic skin scrubber equipment

Through high frequency vibrations, multifunctional skin physiotherapy machine shovel-type cleansing beauty apparatus can carry out deep-massage, which will promote the motion of fat while improving the micro circulation, stimulate the combustion, splitting and conversion of the lipocyte into metabolite and further discharge out of the body so as to achieve cleansing effects. By adopting shovel-type probe, skin cleaning machine  can go deep into the skin by 3~7cm, thin and atomize the dedicated beauty lotion through acoustical oscillation to emulsify the filth and redundant sebum, the leftovers of the makeup in the pores and sweat scale and eliminate along with the splashed water. As a fastest and most effective cleansing method, it can remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne etc., then make the skin with better absorption so as to achieve the effect of deeply cleansing and healthy whitening.

Functions of supersonic skin scrubber

1.Removes the grease:
Use Specific Ultrasonic clear up the grease and acne which blocks the pore completely, Make the skin gloss and beautiful, it is good to operate with 45.

2. Acne nursing:
A kind of pathological change after it is blocked that the youth small pox is the pore, Utilize and exceed and shake function frequently, But get rid of blocking and improve the sick skin, It is good to operate with 45.

3. Go the aging cutin:
Utilize the angle operation mode of 45, go the aging cutin with vibration, effect is obvious.

4. Smooth the wrinkle after use ultrasonic skin machine
Utilize Specific Ultrasonic, and we activate cell of skin, smooth the wrinkle, Prevent the muscle from being relaxed.

5. Removes the melanin after use ultrasonic skin scrubber machine
Utilize Specific Ultrasonic, go Melanin and suppressed the tyrosinase, resolve the melanin acc




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