UV Light Sterilization Box XD012

Product Nam: 2 in 1 UV light Sterilization Box

Material: ABS

Working current: 200mA

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Ultraviolet Wavelength: 270nm-285nm

Charging Current: 1A

Ultraviolet Power: 10000uw

Net weight: 350g


By irradiating microorganism, the ultraviolet C-band (260-280nm) can destroy DNA and RNA of bacteria and virus, and make them lose vitality and fecundity, so as to achieve disinfection and sterilization effect.

Introducing of

1.The UV light really can sterilize? 


It has been a long time since the use of ultraviolet rays to sterilize in Medical history, but it does not mean that all ultraviolet rays can be used to sterilize, only the wavelength 200-280 nm is workable, we call UV-C. Ultraviolet rays can kill almost all germs,  just need different working time and light intensity.


2. Is there any pollution or remaining after sterilizing?


Ultraviolet rays are the most environmentally friendly way to sterilize, no pollution or remaining.The working principle is that the ultraviolet rays destroy the DNA, to prevent the germs  from spreading.


3. How long is the working time?


It depends on the intensity of the Ultraviolet rays, UV intensity means the light intensity works on per unit area, the unit is uw/cm²


4. What does UV light use to sterilize? What is the range?


Yes, the UV light can sterilize all things, but should under the ultraviolet rays working range. Actually,the UV is light, so it is easy to understand, if more close to the light, and the smaller working range, then light will be more intense, if larger working range, means light is much weaker, then needs more time to sterilize.


5. Is the UV lamp harmful to the skin? Shall we worry about the ultraviolet rays leakage?


Yes,the ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin, this is why our skin burns by the sun, but the UV penetration is not strong, a piece of common glass can stop it, the aluminum foil inside the disinfection box can 100% prevent the UV from damaging our skin.


6. Can the UV lamp 100% kill the Germs?


Yes, when the working time and power is enough. The official announcement that the UV is sensitive.


7.What is the UV lamp power? Should people leave when the light is working?


The light intensity is 10000 uw, the sterilizing is under a specified space, no leakage, people no need to leave when the light is working.


8.If sterilizing at the same position for many times, will the expelled germs spread?




9. How many times that the UV light can be used to sterilize? What is the Reuse rate?


No limited times.




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