V face massager best skin care products SC557

Product Name​: Facial roller face lifting massager

Function:firming skin , deep cleansing

Vibration frequency: DC/5V

maximum length /width: 5500 RPM

Charging time:  1 h

Battery capacity: 250 mAh

Keywords: face massage electric

Product size: 8.7*5*3.4cm

Application: For Commercial & Home Use

Feature of V face massager best skin care products

1. Fashionable appearance.

2. Double rollers design with massage function.

3. 5 minutes auto shut-down.

4. IPX 6 waterproof.

5. Recycle using battery.

6. Suitable to sensitive skin.


Function of face massage machine

1. Face cleansing.

2. Face lifting.

3. Massage face.

4. Relax face muscle.

5. Remove oils, residues.

6. Anti-aging.

7. Improve acne.


Attention of Using best skin care Equipment:

1. The machine uses 2mm round charging port, please use suitable charging cable.

2. Blue indicator light will flash slowly when charging.

Blue indicator light will be constantly on when it is fully charged.

3. Blue indicator light will flash and the machine will shut down when it is lack of electricity, please charge it in time.

4. Please adjust different angle when your feeling is not good during the process of uplifting and kneading face.

5. Disassembling the machine is forbidden, or it causes damage.

6. Children are not allowed to use this machine.


Specification of aging skin electric face cleanser :

Product parameter
Product nameFacial roller face lifting massager
Charging voltageDC/5V
Working voltageDC/3.7V
Vibration frequency5500RPM
Charging time1h
Battery capacity250mAh
Maximum power600mW
Product size8.7*5*3.4cm
Net weight62g
Key wordfacial roller
Warranty12 months



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