Aquasure H2 Hydrogen Facial Cleansing Machine LB258

Feature​: Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation

Application:For Commercial

Voltage:110V/220V 50Hz-60Hz

Power: 500W

Gross Weight: 10.5Kgs


After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support

Micro-current Energy: 10W

Vacuum Pressure: 75KPA

Packing Size: 50*45*50cm

Warranty: 1 Year

Principle of Aquasure H2 Hydrogen Facial Cleansing Machine:

1. Simple cleaning.

2. Use oxygen injection pen, spray hot for 10 minutes to open pores.

3. Use scrubber.

4. Choose one kind suction head and essence liquid according to personal situation to install into small bubble pen.

5. Use oxygen injection pen to absorb essence.

6. Use dipolar RF eye probe, each eye operate 5-10 minutes, use upward lifting or circling ways.

7. Use Freezing probe, smear gel to face, operate to calm skin for 5-8 minutes.

8. Use ultrasonic function with essence, use probe 5 minutes.

9. Apply recovering face mask for 15 minutes.


Application of Aquasure hydrafacial dermabrasion Device:

1) Remove grease, inhibit acne inflammation.
2) Remove free radicals, harmful oxygen, yellow, whitening.
3) Remove stains and kill bacteria.
4) Clean up the bacteria and impurities blocked in the hair follicles.
5) Clean up heavy metals, remove radiation, and metabolize lead and mercury.
6) Remove the damage caused by mites on the skin.

7) Clean the pores of toxins, dust and car exhaust.

8) Clean the skin cosmetics residue.

9) Open the pipeline and let the active ingredients fully absorb.

10) Improve skin elasticity, enhance skin resistance! Promote the absorption of cosmetics.


Specifications of Aquasure hydro dermabrasion machine: 

Product parameter
Product name Oxygen skin deep cleaning small bubble dermabrasion machine
Type LB258
Input 100-240V
Output 12V, 5A
Power 50W
Function deep cleaning
Material ABS
Operating head 6
Application salon
Size 42*35.2*42cm
Warranty 12 months




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