The small hole on the left is for the cable for EMS therapy, (the hole at the bottom is for the power cable).
Ensure that the power cable is plugged in, (At all times during treatment)
  1. Insert the power cable before treatment, long-press the mode button to switch the device on.
(1)Infrared treatment will automatically appear.
(2) Press mode again for the infrared light to come on.
(3) Press ok to start treatment.
  1. Press mode to select sonic treatment.
(1) press the up and down arrow button to select intensity, you can test by putting a drop of water on the device head.
  1. To select the treatments:
(1) first mode press: Infrared.
(2) Second mode press: Red lights come on, press ok to start treatment.
  1. Press mode again for ultrasonic treatment, (Then press the up and down arrow button to select intensity.)
  2. Press mode again to select the EMS function,(Then press the up and down arrow button to select treatment intensity,There are 5 intensity levels)
  3. To select your EMS treatment select mode,( and then treatment intensity)
This can be done for all 5 EMS treatments.
  1. To use EMS treatment insert the cable (Into the socket in the side of device)
  2. Fit the electrical pads into the electrical nodes. (By pressing down tightly)
  3. Place the pads on the area you want to treat (Chin, Tummy, Arms, Thighs, ETC)
Select your EMS treatment and intensity,
  1. Start from the lowest intensity and increase slowly. (You will feel the vibration on the skin)
  2. To use the ultrasonic, press mode and then the intensity, press ok to start your treatment. Use a gel/ serum/ oil on the device head and start your treatment.
  3. Use in a circular motion, it’s recommend to use 3 times per week (to see visible results after a month’s use)
  4. Long-press mode button to switch off, wipe machine thoroughly, and put away in a safe place for your next session)