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Introducing the renew skin scrubber by MinXu daily care, renew is a quick and simple way to exfoliate dead skin to brighten your complexion, your face must be wet for a new to work, use your favorite water-based serum、toner、 or just water, rewet your face as necessary during use, called the power sensor for 2 seconds to turn renew one, trap the power sensor to cycle through the uses three modes: cleansing、moisturizing、 and lifting.
Use cleansing mode and apply some moderate pressure with renews and pointed in and down towards the face, to peel the top layer of dead skin, and extract surface blackheads oil、 and sebum. activates moisturising mode to deliver your favorite serums and creams deeper into the skin, enhancing their absorption. make sure renews still plate is flat against your skin, and facing out. choose lifting mode to deliver sonic microbursts into the skin, for a quick 24 hour face lift, reveal the more radiant you with the renew skin scrubber by daily care.