Facial cleansing made easy with cyan skincare ultrasound spatula. the first step in this process is going to be cleansing the face, we’re using botanical lipid cleanser, this is a gentle cleanser, it’s based on rosehip seed oil and is not going to irritate the skin or dry it out, it’s perfect for young skin.

The next product is salicylic acid 2%. You’re going to saturate your glycolic applicator swabs, and gently buff the skin for 1~2 minutes, you don’t need steam for this. and you’re going to just go in circular motion avoiding the corners of the lips, and the corners of the eyes. this product may cause a little bit of a tingling sensation, so you don’t want to leave it on longer than two minutes, and always check with your client if it is tingling too much, after two minutes remove it with cold water.


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After the salicylic is off, use say an enzyme mask. this is a powder mask, so you’re just going to mix it with water, until you make a soft paste. apply this paste, on the entire face neck chest and decollete, and leave it for 7~10 minutes for best results. use steam or if you don’t have a steamer, use a hot towel. if your client has sensitive skin, broken capillaries or rosacea, we don’t recommend using the steam, you’re welcome to use a warm towel instead. This product is perfect for dica jesting the pores, for opening up the pores, and for helping make extractions easy. it’s based on bentonite clay, pineapple, and oatmeal.

In order to use the ultrasound spatula, the skin needs to be wet. so I’m just going to apply some water to the face, using a stiff brush. you can also use a disinfestation solution water works just fine. now you’re ready to use the device, turn it on using the power button, and use the selection button to choose low penetration or high setting, the high setting just has H without any vibrations. now place the blade downwards at a 45 degree angle and apply light pressure.

We’re going to work on the forehead first, then do the cheeks, nose, and chin. you’re welcome to use a piece of cotton on the other side of your blade, to make sure you clean it as you go.

So I’m just going across the forehead here, very light pressure. and if it helps you may stretch the skin, and I’m wiping my blade as I go. now you’re going to divide the face into quadrants, so we have the forehead, the cheeks, the chin, and the nose. so we’re gonna do one cheek, and then we’re gonna do the other side, so you can go towards the nose, or you can go downwards, and you want to make sure that you’re pointing the blade downwards at a 45 degree angle, and of course that the skin is wet, very gentle. we’re going to work on both of the cheeks and then the nose.

And just finishing up here on the chin, making sure you really clean everything out. what’s really wonderful about this device is the other side of it, actually penetrates product. so it’s not just used as a cleansing tool. but when you flip it over, and you use the other side of it, you’re actually able to increase the penetration of serums and creams, and this is what I want to show you now. so we’re going to be using our little
device here, on the product penetration with our hyaluronic acid ampule. so this is going to hydrate the skin of my client and really soft in it, and the way to open this is going to be with a tissue, I’m going to fold my tissue in half and just snap off the top of this ampule I’m going to show you here, there you go. and just pour out a little bit of the ampule into the palm of my hand, and apply it especially to wrinkle prone areas.

Now you’re going to take your device, and turn it on again. use the selection button, and go past the cleansing mode to the product penetration mode, you will see it. when you see the pulsating lights, this means its product penetration which is a positive. now you’re going to flip over the Machine and use the back of it at a 30-degree angle, so you’re going to be helping that ampule penetrate better. this step is going to vibrate, and there you have it beautiful results.