Hey everybody, welcome to today’s video, so I wanted to get on here real quick, and talk to you about something I found that I haven’t really heard anyone talk about. and it is relating to the Dr pen, so I have done a couple of videos that I will link definitely as a playlist. I think I have devices as a playlist, but I will link the two or three videos I’ve made on this A6 Dr pen down in the description box, and you can go check those out. but I’ve been using this Dr pen, I have tried it with different depths, with different pin sizes, and I found something that I absolutely fell in love with.

Product link: https://bit.ly/36rpnad
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(Before read the blog, Watch the video for your reference)

I talked about tons of anti-aging devices, I have a mild lift playlist, I do makeup demos, I test foundations, I do ton of over 40 beauty related videos. I would love it if you came and joined my family, very safe place over here, a very loving place over here, and I just I appreciate every one of you. but I wanted to you know kind of throw that out. please subscribe if you want to and there’s what I’m talking about, I’m just gonna get right into it, this is the 42 needle for the A6 Dr pin , this came with a 10 piece, and they’re all individually wrapped. now I have when I first bought this I bought the 36 pin, I bought the 12 pin, and I bought this. because I had never seen or heard anyone talk about this 42 pin, and I read some of the reviews and some of the reviews said that it was like really smooth, and that they really loved it. I was like I’m interested in different things, I love the 36 pen. when I first did the A6 unboxing and I showed the 36 pins. . so the 36 pin that replacement bags that I got none of them, I’ve had problem with they all stay below the Dr pen edge. and I really love that 36 pin, it’s very smooth and the 36 pin I will use on like A1 or 0.7 , so I will set it for the one or the 0.75 on the 36 pin, and so that’s kind of what I thought with this, but what I found this is so interesting. I’m actually going to unbox one of these for you, and show you so they all come individually wrapped here. it says 42 needle, front and back alright. so I open that up, and I put it in, and this is I love this. so here it is inside, and like I said you never want the needles to come outside of this flush area right, so they stay in there, so that when the pen is turned on, the needles come up and down, and that’s how you go along the skin with the needles coming in and out of. you know quick rapid-fire, I have to tell you and the reason, I wanted to get on camera and tell you guys is because this I was shocked how pain-free, this 42 pin needle is I was absolutely shocked. I actually I put it on a 1.0 and I was like huh cuz (3:17分)usually I use numbing cream when I use anything higher than 8.5, and I had numbing cream on, and usually what the numbing cream I can still tell with a 36 pin the 12 pin that it’s above a point seven-five. you could just kind of tell like I could just tell that it’s going deeper.

right this one it was like, wow I really don’t feel that at all. and so I put it up to a one, and it just was super smooth like it really glided and pushed that hyaluronic acid into the skin, and so I did a test the last night. actually use this last night did last night, as I did not know my face, because numbing face it takes 20 minutes. it’s just an extra step, and if I can avoid doing that from time to time, I don’t mind doing that if I’m pressed for time. I’m just not if I’m like I’m gonna talk myself out of doing my Dr pen, because I have to know my face, and it’s really annoying. then this was like a game changer for me, totally a game changer.

so I did not know my face last night at all, and what happened was I was able to use this on a 1 to a 1.5 depending on the area ,so in here I did a 1.5 on the forehead, I did at one point and then I went in with like A1 around here, and then I did a 1.5 on the chest and my neck. shocking how smooth, how smooth this glides over the skin with this 42, and it got I was red I could definitely tell that there was exfoliation happening, but there wasn’t the blood pooling that I normally get at a deeper needle gauge with my Dr pen. it’s smoother I feel like it was less wounding, and I’m really into it, the products went in so well. and when I woke up this morning, my skin just like it did when I use that the other time. my skin looks so stinking good so good, I’m not puffy and inflamed, usually post of the 36 at a higher gage, I have some
puffiness, I definitely have some inflammation, I don’t have any inflammation with us, it’s amazing. I feel like it did the wound healing on a gentler scale, I I’m just shocked at how much I absolutely love it, and it hurt significantly less. I mean can I say it did, I just said it didn’t hurt at all, it didn’t, but it did, you know what I’m saying like, I didn’t need numbing cream, it was uncomfortable, but I didn’t need numbing cream. it’s like at like a point five right 0.25 that level of discomfort, and I was at a 1 and a 1.5,

I thought that was incredible, I think that each time I views that’s like I said I’ve used it twice, my skin has looked so good for the next day, and for up to a couple of weeks after. and so I just wanted to share that with you, because the cartridges are super inexpensive, they don’t in the description bar below, and I’ll listed over here somewhere the price of it, very affordable. I want to know from you guys sound off on the comments below, have you used the 42 pin? if so, do you love it or do you hate it, do you feel like it’s doing your micro needling effectively, or do you feel like it’s lacking. I feel like it’s very effective with less trauma to the skin, but I want to know what you guys think about it ,and let’s have a discussion. because I find this very interesting and it’s making me want to you know really look into? long-term what the 42 is going to benefit as collagen production and you know anti-aging product penetration so on and so forth all the things that we want out of our micro needling whether using a roller or a device like this um I just thought this was really super cool so yeah I love you guys to the moon and back I really look forward to seeing you in my next video until then bye.