Hello this is our vacuum machine, when you receive the machine, please check the accessory is ready for you. this is the main machine and we have two small line, one thicker line、 and two accessories、 and this is the power line. and another become cup, and this is DC power the DC power, and this vacuum accessory is only for the brightest and hip. and now I tell you how to install it, here is the power line switch point, and we connect it. yeah here is the screen,  here is the time screen and also the suction and release show screen. and now here is the adjustment for the time, here is up, and here is low ,and here is the power switch button, and here is on/off button, and here is the DC line connector, and here is the bigger line connector, now we connect it. here means the machine is and you can see here is the time adjustment, normally we will set 20 to 30 minutes to do treatment, and here to turn on the machine, and then you can hear the Sound, and here is the suction power, normally we start from 1, here had the

    Video Link: https://bit.ly/3xO96qJ
(Before read the blog, Watch the video for your reference)

You can see the screen when you adjust this, you will also change at the same time to show you. and here is the release time showing, also change to 1.  so here is suction one second, and the release one second, and here is the DC light connector, we connect the DC power. When you receive the DC line, you can see here have 2 tip, this tip it’s connect to the Machine, and this tip it is connect to this kind of cup. you will have this point, ladies and this bottle also same .when this light is right is to become red, it means the work is ready, and also when you do the brightest and here, you use this kind of cup knock. this kind of cap you should use this kind of cup to do the treatment, and this is the suction power connection. and you will use this bigger light to connect it. you can see this hole is empty,  don’t connect this, otherwise the Machine cannot connect work. you should use this hole to connect, and these 2 tips is for the Cup.

You should use the short line to connect it, and here you can see, have the hope, and to connect with this short line. and then another one same, but if you want to show the client first time the result, then
you can only use one cup for her only one brightest and do it like this. don’t connect with another cup, and connect this then only do one Brightness treatment to show the result for the kind.  and then if you do it same time, then you connect this short line in the another cup, and then now the connection is ready for for the treatment.

And you should adjust this, this is the suction power you should make it keep from there. you should screw it, this way and then cover this in our kind pressed, then to move it from right side to left side. to adjust the power suction, and then after 20 minutes the treatment is off, it it is it is finished. then you should cover this to there, and then  stop the machine then to move here, to release air, then to move the cup, otherwise it will hurt our cups, they will feel not comfortable. and for the DC light, you will also. when you cover the breast then to move here, breast you can hear the song then the on/off is ready. here on/off is ready, then to do the treatment for the breast and the hip, this is the pad for the breast and hip, and now I show you another cup. finish the shipment, stop this on/off treatment, and then move here, let the air out, and then connect here then, to move the cup from their body. and now I show you another cup.

For another cap the this light is don’t need, this is for example, and this is the suction power. and suction power connector don’t need to use we use, this kind of accessory, some don’t use empty hole, we
will use this kind of hole, then use the sunlight again. if you don’t need to use the cup, 2 cups together. then to connect here.

And then to do the treatment like this, some like the before, connect here to let the machine on, but here should close, because apart from brightest and the hue, this don’t need to connect, and make the cup to the kinds body to do the treatment. this cup and this kind of cup is same, and suction time and the release time start from one, then to do the treatment. and if the time is finished, then the machine will turn off automatically, thank you.