Hi guys, in today’s video i’ll show you a led face mask, so in case you guys are looking for a face mask then definitely this review will help you.


Product link:   https://bit.ly/3MjMR0B
Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3sHAMKX
    Video Link:  https://bit.ly/3xAs1US
(Before read the blog, Watch the video for your reference)

So this is a three color led mask, which is like a red blue and orange, and this products usually use the led fixed wavelength natural light waves which helps you to promote your broad circulation, and also produce collagen increase your skin elasticity and improve your skin quality .so it has like three different  likes like red blue orange, so we’ll see how it works and how it looks. so let’s open this one, I’ve never tried the led christmas, so this is like pretty new for me.

This is okay, so you can charge this one with this mini usb charger, and it has a turn on switch here. let me turn. we have to charge it, you have to press for a couple of seconds, i need to. so this one is red, there is a not there. they don’t have any other switch, so there is only one switch, so we can change red blue or orange. it’s this and this is the user manager.

So here is the switch where you can turn on the device, and also you can change the lights whatever the chain likes you want. this is safe for everyday use, and they are saying that it’s uh definitely helps you for the blood circulation metabolism, it generates collagen and helps wrinkle care, and skin improvement. they are mostly saying that you have to use this one for like 10 to 20 minutes for your face, the hydrating daily use you can use it daily. there is no harm, i cannot say that it’s like really helpful for your face or not, because you have to use this product like regularly then you can see the difference. you cannot see the instant result of this kind of device, because in previously .also i have used the light to massager, but i’m not regularly use that one, but this if this kind of product you have to usually like regularly to see the difference. whether it’s working or not, but the way they have mentioned that it’s working as unlike a light wave, it works fine, i don’t have like any complaint or anything, because now this is like a pretty simple, and nothing complicated. yeah you can use this one.