This device uses four different Technologies, the first one is led therapy, the second one is pdt photodynamic therapy, the third one is triple lt low level light therapy and the last one is dpl. so deep pellet training lights.
pdt as in photodynamic therapy, it works similar with photosynthesis in plants, so your skin essentially absorbs light to produce more collagen and elastin and regenerates your skin cells as well, and the other two technologies that i’m going to mention is the triple lt low level light therapy. so it’s really nice soothe and relax your muscles as well, and the other one is the dpl, so it’s deep penetrating light.

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It’s to make the lights penetrate deeper to the layer of your skin, this device comes with seven different colors, but now i’m going to tell you about the four main colors, which is red blue green and yellow. so the red color is really good for anti-aging for regenerating your skin, blue light is to balance your sebum or oil production to manifest the skin as well, and the green button here the green light, this one is really good for hyperpigmentation, and the yellow button if you have sensitive skin is really good for erythema or radius.

To use this device make sure you clean your face, double clean your face. you can go under the device, and you can use it for your body as well, it’s really good for red vein and to relax the muscles. so if you want
to use it for the face, just turn on the button, And pick any color that you would like.

Let’s say you want to go red color, you can go under the red color for 15 to 20 minutes. if you want to use it every day, and if you want to use it about two or three times per week, you can go up to 45 minutes. this pdt device comes with the goggles, so it’s to protect your eyes if you have sensitive eyes. but we always recommend you to use goggles, if you think the goggles are not comfortable for you, you can put some cotton pads and put the goggle on the top of it.

This pdt device benefits for fine lines wrinkles、 stretch marks、 acne scars、acnes hyperpigmentation as well, it’s really anti-aging. i would definitely recommend this device for you, thank you so much for watching this video and i’ll see you next time.