So these m8 doctor pens are amazing, because they have this new sleek ergonomic design. it’s got an led screen display, how cool is that, right? and there are 15 rpms to this little sucker, so it’s going to give you really amazing precise and efficient micro needling for your skin. the way to adjust the rpms or speed is by pressing this multiple times, there are  six guys, all right there are six different modes for this. M8 pen and in order to adjust the depth, you can just easily change the settings onto here, so let me show you how we put this on.

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Each of these kits for our Dr. pen M8 comes with two of these disposable needles, so what you do is you look to see there’s three little prongs here, inside here there’s three little prawns in there as well. and what you do is you match up the prawns, then you twist. don’t forget to take the cap off before you get started guys, and then all you do is set the depth of where you want to go on the face, then you press and voila all done. and it’s cordless ,so you don’t have to worry about dragging your cord over the patient’s face, in order to properly microneedle, this is amazing and so sleek.