Hey guys, so you’re here today because you want to learn about the A7 device, now this is an upgrade from the previous A6 model, and a couple of the key features include a much faster motor. so this one goes up to 18,000 RPM, while the A6 is only 8000 RPM and it also has much finer needles in the cartridges. so what this means is if you’re someone who finds micro-needling a little bit uncomfortable, these finer needles will help minimize that. they’re also great for acne scarring, and another great thing is the cartridges are designed to get into those sort of hard reach places like around the eyes and around the nose. much more easily compared to other models.

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Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3tbzWqc
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So when you actually purchase your device, you will get the cartridges, you’ll get the device itself, and you’ll also get this long cord. so this is a 2 metre long cord, you can’t charge the A7 and use it without being plugged in. so that is one of the things that you won’t get out of the A7 that you will from say the X5 which you can charge up, and use cordless Li, you will need to be somewhere where this is plugged in. but other than that, this is a really great pen. I love it, because I like how it it doesn’t cause as much drag compared to the A6. for example I think this is a really great pen and I would love to hear your thoughts, if you do have any further questions, if there’s anything that I haven’t covered, please leave a comment below or you can also email.