Hi this is our micro-needling rf machine, now introduce you the whole system and the handle. there is size micro-needling tips for the handle, and also one without needles for the system. here is a for the facial part, set the time also the depth, the depth from 0.2 millimeter to 2.0 millimeter, and the speed is for the needle input and output time, the speed from the 0.1s to 0.5s intersection. here is a vacuum suction in the needle here, it was sucks the skin to close to the needle. and the RF from 10W to 15W, and it is same for the body part, the only difference is on the depth, the biggest depth for the body part is 3.5 millimeter, so now I will try with the body part and with the depth 0.7 millimeter, on the rf power about 40W. our tests on my skin and the speed 0.1s is the most fast one.

Product link:  https://bit.ly/3zuvUwO
    Video Link: https://bit.ly/3NWJJIT
(Before read the blog, Watch the video for your reference)

So here , okay here is suction, the suction 0 means no suction function here.  if I press the suction as 1, close to the needle it was suck my skin up and more close to the needle, you can see the needle come out fast.

Okay set the next step, you can see the needle more obvious. you can see this is one 2.2 millimeter needle , and the times is the counting how many shocks you do for the patient, and there is two more one is menu – one is Auto. when every time you want to press to to the treatment, you need to press this button , here this is menu mode, you press it one time, here is auto modes. for the Auto mode means you don’t need to press this button, every time you press the skin, you will perform the treatment by itself, you don’t need to press the button on the handle. this is auto auto mode , you were performing but perform the treatment by self .