Hello it’s our portable microneeding rf machine and here you can see A M mode,


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(Before read the blog, Watch the video for your reference)

A for face and M for body, if I press A, enter here, A (body) and face. here you can see treatment time, the treatment depth the lux mermaids 3.5 millimeters, 2.0 it’s for face, two point two millimeter differ for body .
It’s a 3.5 millimeters and speed, it’s needles input and outputs. suction it is a vacuum , so it touches skin and the sucks again into here and needle out, so more efficiency during treatment, suction can be low and high. RF its mocroneedle rf, it’s powerful, you can set here lower or bigger. and here also it’s times, one treatment times such a here out, here will be number 1, number 2, number 3 and also hear how suited. such as you always use for one patient here, once it from here, we use set different specifications and you can set face,  it’s running this time, he will come here to do treatment directly.

OK let’s try for you and body, I set depth, it has not rehearse treatments five-speed of it start . if I press this, in turn, if I set here , okay you can see now , almost conceit(can see) such a . if here set speed, so it’s open turn back slowly , okay that’s it, and we have three sizs, this one is one of, also it has another 2 sizes, okay that’s it.