okay if you ordered our diamond tip microdermabrasion machine you’ll get two Boxes. one box has the tips, and one so this
you can see here, it describes each of the tips is nine tips in total to one and some filters these filters go in between the tip
and the wand, the filter out the skin from getting into the machine to show that that quick that becomes a tip, the filter in
there then you put the wand on, and one on this.
Replacement filters are very cheap and they come in quantities of 500, so you should probably just reuse the filters every
time, or in other words, just using one time and then you can just replace each time, and plenty of new ones very easily
online. so I this is your basic tool for the machine like that, for now so this is box number one, the second box is the
machine itself, here it comes with a lot of stuff, you got tips there, I mean filter sorry for the set filters for the tips cable
power supply air filters to load. Two sprayers let’s call them accessories trades that hold all your tools where you’re
working machine here, so this is the main machine,
okay why don’t we pause for a second, let me get this powered up, okay I forgot to mention two things, number one this
package here holds two vacuum wash their flat tubular one or suction, I just didn’t want to fill this up, and then of course
I forgot we had this in the box, though the instruction book is really good, it doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.
but this might be is about what kind of patterns you can use on your face, more information about the fit and then for the
model, now this has some basic instructions on which ports belong to which accessory more here. so I got my power
supply ready, I got a power strip back there, so this is a universal voltage product could work anywhere in the world,
so need to do is plug this in here just like a  computer plug this into the wall already do that, want to show the accessories
a little bit more, you see there’s two colored cables here, and they belong to spread the idea is one square which have
basic water, and you could use either the red and black your choice, and if it gets hooked up like this.
one there one hand was its prayer, and the water comes up here, the fine mist. you could also if you like use some
water with mineral oil or something like that mix it in. okay so then you would use the other color cable kind of keep
yourself informed about what you’re doing, and then you can hook it up that way you a pretreatment spray which
maybe is your mineral oil water. and then your after treatments right, we’ll just be plain water, that’s what this port is
for and that’s what the sprayers and the colored cables are for or hose I should say, then we got our regular hose for
the diamond tip that one. so let’s actually get the ones out first, before I plug it in, see I’ll use the one I did before there’s
a filter in it, but I like doing extra work. so we got the tip with filter, we’ve got the wand now, the large filters go in here.
I’ve already placed one end, as you can see that’s, as I saying before especially for the small filters, they didn’t think
the big filters just replace Matt for every use makes the Machine run more efficiently, keep your face clean our mute
deal many benefits of replacing the filters. regularly and they are pretty cheap to buy a large quantity when you need
more homes here. suppose you can see the machine, we’re almost you know finished setting up, it’s pretty easy to
get started without put here right, which is the output for the diamond tips intensity which should be the section
intensity of the vacuum.
as well better to start you know at the lower end, figure out what works for you, and then move it up as you need
to go all the way the max, it’s very strong suction, it’s hard to glide the one truly over your skin, if you have max
on for most people, they start a little level to see how the suction feels, how easily the wand moves across your
face, and if it’s going too fast, or you don’t feel like it’s doing enough abrasion, and you can always you know and
turn up the intensity that started at a low level.
Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3IHCuSs
okay right here here we go here yeah and one tip Mon and plug it in, we’re ready sir there yep that’s powered radio
I should mention, you can see there’s some oring a section of hose, and an air filter felt like the air filter from your car,
since I’m really not going to be doing any true skin work right now, I’m not going to put this in. but especially when you
first start your treatment is if you have a lot of area, you’re going to cover a lot blemishes、 the acne、 dead skin scars,
you’re going to take care of, then you want to use these at first. make sure you don’t clog up any air equipment later on,
as everything is more fine, your face is more smooth and you have less work to take care of, you probably won’t need to
use them anymore, it’s just you know, maybe for the first month you’ll probably be using these, and after that you want this
goes, you know infamous host here.
so it’s hot right now, you can see not a lot of section, actually just a little bit Canada stronger oh yeah, max,
basically you know this is your face right, you’re just moving it across the face, trying to get it’s too much sections
hard to you, down a little bit a little bit better. All right, and that’s all you’re doing is moving it across the face like it
shows in the book certain patterns, depending on what kind of in blemish you’re trying to abrade in there, because
some different pattern you can crack yeah, and even has you know some recommended times, as far as how long
and how many days you may need to do it to get the results, you’re after so here we go, you can see up down side
to side up down side to side, and little parts of the body face or arms like. I’m not showing you how it works, and you
may need to play the different test to see which one works for you, there’s different grits, you wanna pot like pan paper
is different grits of these tips here, and maybe a fine grit is not good for you. maybe you need a rougher grit at the beginning,
so you can try the different tips to see which one works best for your condition, that’s basically it and when you’re done take
it back part, you throw away what there is.
I love movies and now reuse new ones next time, that’s pretty much it I did not show the sprayer,  so
it’s a little complicated to do now, but basically what most people like to do is run pray for dirt, they
might do it like spray like I mentioned with some water with a little oil, some kind great across the face
you get fully effect get it easier for me to cut one. and they’re finished I’ll use their other spray my daughter
to clean soul up, be your second part don’t have to do it that way just put these plain water the whole time,
you could not wash your face before you do, if you don’t really need to, or if you already just use so more
in the shower that we find – and you use soap and water, or just at the same afterwards to do it too. but just
come with these accessories trying to help make this one here for you, especially if maybe you run a spa
or beauty clinic, where you know your customer can’t do the washing face routine for, after you can do it
right, your workstation do the brave reform spray after, so run a business service machine, this machine
is definitely advantage for you, thank you.