This is our radio frequency and ems beauty instrument, and this can be a great holiday gift for your wife your significant other siblings, or you can use it is an opportunity to split a bit on yourself. but today I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys how to use it, so let’s go ahead and unbox and then get into the rest of the video so as you can see at the very top of the box.

when you open it, is the user’s manual with all of the instructions and anything you need to know on this device, next we have our charging cord and we have the base for this device, where you will put it to charge and of course our the device itself, and in this upcoming clip here you will see there’s a little red light, that shines when the device is charging, so you know and of course, these are the different six light modes that we will get into a bit later on in the video. overtime skin can become discolored or even wrinkled due to factors such as overexposure to sunlight or even genetics. and our first instinct is to run pennywise or run to the skincare store and purchase products to help treat these issues.

however, what we may not know is that these might just be acting at the surface level of our skin is not getting deep into there to treat these problems. so with the use of electric muscle stimulation and radio
frequency, you can use this to treat all of these issues, you have on the line and also make your skin more ready to accept these great ingredients in these products, that you are investing in. so this device has six different led modes, that work for different things and now we are going to go ahead and dive right into them.

The first mode is the red led light, and this is used to treat wrinkled skin and enhance the regeneration of collagen and skin elasticity; the second light mode is the green light mode and this is used to treat dark spots or discolored skin by prohibiting the overproduction of melanin; the third mode is the blue led light mode and this is used to treat acne-causing bacteria in the skin to stop it; the fourth mode is the yellow mode and this is used to brighten the skin and this can help with dark or dull areas on the skin, as well the fifth mode is the pink mood and this is used to whiten the skin whereas our last mode, the pink flashing mode is used to help skinny products be able to faster absorb into the skin, now that we know what all of our different light modes do, let’s look at how to use it.

So step one would be to make sure your device is charged up so when you are ready to use it, you actually can use it and step two would be to prep the skin so you can use this device on your face on your neck or any other part of your body, that you desire to just ensure that you cleanse the area before you start to work on it, and next you’re going to want to choose whatever cream or serum you will be using, so I will be using the cerave retinol serum to demonstrate on for this video, so once you have your serum, it will be time to choose whatever light mode you want to do. for whatever it is you’re treating on your skin and something to note is that there are five levels of intensity, so once you put your led mode on, I have it set to the red mode I can choose out of five levels of intensity, which level is best for me and then I can get two weeks.

it is advised that you do this treatment for 10 minutes, and a plus is that the the device shuts off on its own after 10 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about timing it, the device has got you covered.

I went ahead and cleaned my face because I decided to work on that area. and I have my serum I have my device and I’m ready to go, so what I decided to do was put my serum on the four little led panels on the device. I saw that might be more effective, and then I got to work and I kid you not this is the most relaxing feeling the device is almost tickling your face. and I feel so good, I wish you guys could experience this, but it was no pain at all.

I used the intensity 4 levels, and i did not feel any pain it was a good feeling, and I can’t wait to do this again. all right guys that is it for today’s video I really hope you guys enjoyed, it as always the link to purchase will be down in the description box below.

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